Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy: Healthy Aging Leader Cenegenics Expands Heart Prevention Program, Joins Optimal Wellness Concierge Medical Network

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Age management medicine giant Cenegenics® Medical Institute offers patients stem cell therapy outside of the U.S. via services from the prominent hybrid medical management company network.

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Our intent is to reduce the incidence of death and disability from heart disease and stroke. Via our partnership with the Optimal Wellness Network, we can monitor patients who opt for stem cell therapy in another country, before and after treatment.

Cenegenics® Medical Institute is partnering with the Optimal Wellness Network (OWN)—a hybrid medical management company and nationwide referral source—to add its renowned age management services to OWN’s concierge medicine programs and offer patients state-of-the-art cardiac stem cell therapy from OWN network centers outside the U.S., Cenegenics announced. The cardiac stem cell therapy expands Cenegenics’ already unique Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program, which combines the best aspects of the nation’s top laboratories who screen for cardiovascular disease with innovative protocols to reduce the development of disease.

OWN markets its specialized form of concierge medicine to senior corporate staff and high-income clients as well as recruits, trains and manages the services of an elite network of physicians. As part of that network, Cenegenics gives patients access to the latest research projects and protocols not available in the U.S.

“Our whole intent is to reduce the incidence of death and disability from heart disease and stroke. Well-regarded centers outside the U.S. are conducting unique treatments in the field of cardiac stem cell therapy, using autologous stem cell transplantation. These stem cells are taken from a patient and used in that same patient to promote healing and renewal of cardiac function, including the growth of new arteries. Through our partnership with the Optimal Wellness Network, we can monitor patients who opt for stem cell therapy in another country, before and after treatment,” Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr. said. Willix is Cenegenics’ Chief Medical Officer as well as the CEO/founder of Cenegenics Boca Raton and CEO of Cenegenics Miami.

According to Willix, stem cell therapy is being performed worldwide in countries such as China, Peru, Costa Rico and Mexico. As the debate ensues to get FDA approval in the States, some Americans seeking non-surgical therapy for heart disease may opt to travel overseas for treatment—yet often lack the much-needed physician monitoring and follow-up back home.

Thanks to the partnership with OWN, Cenegenics patients who are legitimate candidates for cardiac stem cell therapy—medically qualified as having heart disease—will be screened by a Cenegenics cardiologist to determine if the therapy is right for them. That cardiologist will closely monitor the patient from the beginning, gleaning accurate data to ensure the stem cell therapy is working.

This marks a new level of patient care services for the innovative age-management giant.

“Cenegenics has pioneered the field of age management by employing disciplined evidenced-based medicine. OWN is following that pattern and offering patients carefully managed innovative treatments including stem cell therapy for heart disease and other conditions. Additionally OWN’s partnership with Cenegenics expands the services our network can offer our clients to include age management provided by Cenegenics,” OWN’s CEO Russell W. Allen said.

Currently, Cenegenics patients considering cardiac stem cell therapy will be screened by a cardiologist at one of these facilities: Cenegenics New York City (Dr. George Shapiro); Cenegenics Boca Raton (Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr.); Cenegenics Miami (Dr. Cesar Pellerano); and Heart Institute of Southern California (Dr. Ernst R. von Schwarz, Cenegenics Institute physician noted professor of medicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine).

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Physicians can learn more about age management medicine directly by calling Cenegenics: Dr. Michael Resnick at 702.953.1574 or Dr. Tim Patel at 702.953.1577.

For more information about Cenegenics, please visit them online, where you can register for quick access to the online Cenegenics Healthy Aging Kit: informative Guide to Healthy Aging, Executive Summary and media excerpts.

To schedule an interview, please contact Ann Castro, Cenegenics Director of Media Relations: 702.953.1588.

About Optimal Wellness Network (OWN)
Optimal Wellness Network (OWN) operates as a hybrid medical management company. It offers a unique form of concierge medicine to the market of senior corporate staff and high income clients.  OWN offers Optimal Medicine, which aligns the patient’s wellness with the financial interest of the healthcare practitioner. At OWN its first and always about the patient.

About Cenegenics
Cenegenics® Medical Institute has forged a paradigm shift in medicine, developing a proactive medical approach for optimized health hailed as “next generation medicine” and garnering worldwide media attention. Cenegenics has 20 centers with others opening in the near future: Las Vegas, Nevada (headquarters); Charleston, SC; Boca Raton, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Arlington, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Beverly Hills, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; New York City, NY; Tulsa, OK; Jacksonville, FL; Atlantic City, NJ; Houston, TX; Denver, CO; Scottsdale, AZ; Boston, MA; Miami,FL. Cenegenics serves over 20,000 patients globally—2,000 are physicians and their families.


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