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The rain is bringing plenty of water but soon, the scorching heat will be back causing severe drought conditioning and causing the ground to shrink. This is the time to put in place the things that will help prevent possible foundation repairs. Get help from

Foundation repairs in Dallas caused by dry grounds

Foundation repairs in Dallas caused by dry grounds

This is the season to complete the checklist to make sure the foundation is healthy.

Before the ground drys up and gets really hard to work with, homeowners should attempt to prevent any possible foundation repairs by following the checklist provided by Premier Foundation Repairs inc. at

1. Make sure the residence's foundation has soaker hoses installed all around it. Soaker hoses are one of the best methods to control moisture in the ground and prevent foundation repairs. More over, soaker hoses maybe the only allowed method of watering the foundations once each municipality starts enforcing watering restrictions. Homeowners need to keep in mind that even in the winter, some cities already have some levels of watering restrictions.

2. Gutters and Downspouts. While the rain is coming down heavy, check the gutters and downspouts to make sure the water is displaced correctly and away from the residence's foundations. During the fall and winter, gutters and downspouts tend to get clogged and sometime the downspouts are even moved by windstorms.

3. While doing the spring gardening, the homeowners should make sure any large trees or shrubs are not too close to the residence's foundations. Remove any over grown plant that maybe contributing to unbalancing the moisture content of the ground. Remember that the primary reason for foundation problems and possible foundation repairs, is the shrinking and swelling of the expansive soil found under the foundation.

4. The season of heavy usage for the sprinkler system is at the door. The homeowner should check the entire system for leaks or heads pointing the wrong way. In many instances the sprinkler systems are not using for the entire winter and a good check up before the summer is a wise investment of the homeowner time.

5. Homeowner should make sure the sprinkler system is set to water during the night when the water evaporation is at a minimum and in some cases the water rates are actually lower. Also, the watering times have to cross-checked with the city's water plans to make sure there are no conflict.

Following the basic checks above is a good start for the homeowner trying to get ahead of the dry weather while preventing any possible foundation repairs. If the homeowners has any questions the professionals at Premier Foundation Repairs Inc at 3767 Forest Lane Dallas, TX 75244. Call them at (972) 417-0823 or visit


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