Spring Straining - Belltown Spine and Wellness Advises Caution When Taking Part In These 5 Common Springtime Activities

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Seattle Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center identifies common, often overlooked springtime activities that can produce back pain if not approached in the proper manner.

While many people remain active throughout the winter months, Seattle chiropractic center Belltown Spine and Wellness advises caution when embarking on springtime activities.

From outdoor pursuits to spring cleaning chores, the exuberance associated with spring weather often leads individuals to be somewhat careless in reacquainting themselves with activities not done in months. Many of these activities are easy to overlook as mindless chores or low impact athletics and can allow a lack of preparedness to introduce potentially damaging consequences.

The Seattle chiropractor has compiled a brief list of springtime activities to be wary of, as well as steps to take to avoid injury:

Spring Cleaning
We like the results of a cleaned and reorganized living space, but most of us would just as soon forget the work it takes. Cleaning refrigerators and other hard to reach areas can put us in strained, awkward positions. Also, moving furniture and storage devices can put a strain on back muscles. Being mindful of lifting properly with the legs and a straight back can avoid prolonged bouts of early spring soreness.

Cleaning Out Gutters
There are many reasons to take gutter maintenance seriously as a demanding physical activity. Not least of all is the fact that climbing a ladder is involved. Inspect the integrity of the ladder and place it on solid ground. Cleaning anything on a ladder is pretty much the definition of being in an awkward position, so make sure your movements are carefully planned while avoiding over-reaching. Take frequent breaks to allow recovery from straining in awkward positions. Some light stretching will help in between trips up the ladder.

Spring gardening is fun and rejuvenating, but can also be problematic when it comes to back and neck pain. Many find gardening to be a relaxing way to reconnect to the soil but repetitive mention can be another danger. Be sure to take frequent breaks and don't squat for too long. Working with gardening tools requires a good deal of twisting and lifting too, so paying attention to body positioning is very important. Warming up before gardening might sound silly but could save you a trip to the chiropractor.

Lawn Mowing
Push lawn mowers are heavy and demanding tools. It takes a fair amount of strength and technique to manipulate a mower around the yard. Tilting and pivoting, using the rear wheels is a key skill. Depending on the size and contour of the lawn, mowing can be an extremely aerobic activity. Take frequent breaks and remember to stay hydrated, even when the weather is not as warm as you would like.

Hitting the links full steam after a long winter off is a sure recipe for back pain. Even if your one of the hardcore nuts that slog around in the mud for a couple rounds in late January, the increased number of rounds inspired by good weather can make spring a difficult transition. Always remember to warm up thoroughly, once before leaving for the course, and once after you unpack your gear from the car. Start slow, being careful not to over-swing. Who knows, might even improve your game?

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