5 Spring Cleaning Ideas from Mister Sparky For Making Your Home Safer and More Efficient

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Seattle area electrician's reminds homeowners that spring cleaning is a good time to address and reorganize a wide array of electrical issues around the house.

West Seattle electrician, Mister Sparky, recognizes that spring is a time to perform scheduled maintenance tasks around the house and recommends adding these 5 projects to your spring cleaning list. Ideally suited to be done this time of year, these projects will provide a safer and more efficient living space.

Historically, spring is a time to take stock and prepare for the future after a dark and damp winter season. Electrical devices and equipment that have been accumulated over the winter months will be due for regular maintenance and can be reorganized to reduce clutter. Making sure that electrical equipment is being used properly can greatly improve its longevity and spring is the perfect time to do it. Straightening up hastily hooked up devices and wiring can also help immensely.

Here are 5 electrical projects to add to your spring cleaning list:

Light Bulb Check
Inspect all the lighting in your house and make sure that the proper wattage bulbs are being used. Too high of wattage can produce heat that can damage fixtures, devices, walls and ceilings. If you need to buy more bulbs, this is the time to switch over to energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs that produce less heat, saving you money.

Ceiling Fans
Good circulation in the house is important to keeping things dry in the spring, as well as aiding energy efficiency in the summer. Instead of, or in conjunction with, using costly air conditioners, ceiling fans can be installed to help facilitate air movement. Having an inexpensive fan installed by a certified electrician can save a bundle on both heating and cooling costs by making both systems more efficient.

Check Your Outlets
Check all electrical outlets, especially around the entertainment center, for potential fire hazards. Loose fitting plugs and frayed wiring are obvious signs of danger. The holiday season has likely added to your entertainment devices, so be sure that outlets are not overloaded. Spring is the perfect time to reorganize wires. Adding an extra outlet to an overburdened room is also an option and should be installed by a certified electrical contractor.

Smoke Detectors
All this checking for fire hazards brings to mind smoke alarm maintenance. Smoke alarms are almost never checked enough in most homes and are easily forgotten until they are needed (which is usually too late). Be sure to test them in the spring, making sure that they all work and have fairly new batteries.

Recharging Station
Many electronic devices that we use every day have become more portable in almost unimaginable ways. This is great for convenience but can expose us to energy costs that are harder to monitor. Setting up a designated recharge station in a utility room or on a designated table can help. Leaving devices plugged in to recharge all over the house can raise your electricity bill significantly. Even just leaving the AC power supply plugged into the wall can drain electricity. Having it all in one place can make it easier to keep track of.

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