Recent News Shows Why Pre-Employment Background Screening Must Follow Small Business Grow

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Many small businesses in the USA do not perform pre-employment criminal background checks and this article demonstrates how that can be a deadly mistake.

Criminal Background Records

Criminal Background Records

The killing of a south Charlotte store manager - allegedly by a felon hired to work there - highlights the risks companies take when they hire an employee with a criminal record, or don't do a full background check on applicants.

Recent reports in the media have shown the US economy beginning to make a slow turn toward jobs recovery. While progress is certainly incremental, indicators have brought a degree of hope to those searching for gainful employment.

ADP National Employment Report shows for the month of January 2012:

Employment on large payrolls—those with 500 or more workers—increased 3,000, and employment on medium payrolls—those with 50 to 499 workers—rose 72,000 in January. Employment on small payrolls—those with up to 49 workers—rose 95,000 that same period. Of the 95,000 jobs created by small businesses, 11,000 jobs were created by the goods-producing sector and 84,000 jobs were created by the service-producing sector.

The last sentence of the paragraph above is of particular note insomuch that more jobs came from small businesses than any other sector. A commonly held theory in American economics is that small businesses drive job creation and, based on this single data point, it appears to be true. But small businesses face enormous challenges.

As reported in the Charlotte Observer on January 29, 2012 via, a male employee, recently paroled, allegedly killed his store manager:

The killing of a south Charlotte store manager - allegedly by a felon hired to work there - highlights the risks companies take when they hire an employee with a criminal record, or don't do a full background check on applicants.

A criminal act such as the one described above will almost certainly destroy a small business, in this case a local liquor store. The article further indicates the store owner did not conduct a pre-employment background check, one that would have highlighted a criminal conviction by the applicant and a potentially violent past.

The article continues:

Background checks are only legally required in certain fields, such as child care and for people who work with the elderly, but the {business in question} could be penalized because businesses aren't allowed to hire felons convicted in the last three years for jobs that involve serving alcohol.

A significant number of small businesses do not consider background checks on their potential employees, primarily due to cost. It can be an expensive mistake. In the example above a third-party background screening company would have the knowledgebase to understand the legalities of certain hiring practices.

As illustrated herein small businesses added jobs to the economy at a faster rate than mid-to-large companies. Small business will continue to lead in jobs creation but will remain at risk by not conducting thorough pre-employment background checks.

A typical pre-employment background check should not cost more than $50 per screening and should be conducted by a reliable company operating within full compliance of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (FCRA) The cost of a single background check is certainly less than the cost of a human tragedy such as the killing in Charlotte, North Carolina. can assist any size company in conducting thorough pre-employment background checks and help minimize the risk in hiring. Contact today to help get you started with all your background screening requirements.

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