For the Well-Being of People and the Earth, the Green Fund Development Institute Offers its Unique Green Products Online for More Profitable Fundraising Campaigns

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Fundraising has become necessary for the survival of many groups and organizations. To serve, educate and expand these opportunities, (Dosha Fundraising) was created to provide more responsible, environmentally friendly and healthier alternatives to polluting and weight gaining products, traditionally used for fundraising, such as fast food coupons, cookie dough, candy or wrapping paper. (Dosha Fundraising)

We understand successful fundraising campaigns are most profitable using products that benefit our health and reduce their impact on the environment.

Green products offered on (Dosha Fundraising) have been selected to conserve natural resources and prevent air and water pollution. This will reduce the need to expand Utility systems. It will also reduce the use of fossil fuels for manufacture and transportation and thereby reduce global warming. Purchasing Dosha products for fundraising is such a sensible option and is an investment in clean energy as each product becomes a kind of carbon offset.

The Green Fund Development Institute realized even higher profits can be achieved when participants can stand behind the products they offer and send an honorable message to their customers at the same time. Knowing how to fundraise in this way makes a statement about what the organization believes in. "We understand successful fundraising campaigns are most profitable using products that benefit our health and reduce their impact on the environment," says Clifford Wolf, CEO of Green Fund Development Institute.

Dosha's fundraising products are divided into five categories that can act as individual fundraising programs because each has a definite message. Customers may order individual products from multiple categories. An organization may choose to offer more then one or any number of programs in their campaign. Fundraising programs include: Energy and water conservation products; USDA certified organic human and pet foods; Sustainable garden products; Personal care products.

Teachers can tailor their lesson plans in school to coordinate and build momentum for the fundraising event. For example one message from the category offering organic and human pet foods might be Clean up your diet, clean up the planet.

According to the Environmental Working Group, certain fruit and vegetable crops such as: celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach, kale, cherries, potatoes and imported grapes are all heavily treated with pesticides. Today, the USDA defines organic to mean that the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals is avoided or severely restricted. Fewer chemicals used in growing means fewer chemicals ending up in rivers and streams. Worldwide 6 Billion pounds of pesticides are applied to food crops every year. So organic produce is better for you and the environment.

Now comes the part you may not be aware of. Typical food producers use 10-15 calories of fossil fuel to produce every calorie of food energy. Synthetic fertilizer, combines vast quantities of nitrogen with a fossil fuel, usually natural gas. We need to reduce our use of fossil fuels.

Take advantage of the products offered on where your organization can raise money while encouraging their customers to make a difference. For more information contact Clifford Wolf at Cliff(at) (Dosha Fundraising)

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