Team Liberty Keeps a Finger on Pulse of the US Economy

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The U.S. economy is currently in a state of turmoil. While the country’s debt climbs into trillions, American’s struggle to survive the economic fluctuations—from upside down mortgages to the cost of fuel.

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Everett Hale, Founder

Most people have no idea how to protect themselves from the coming financial chaos or from the government intrusion in every part of their lives.

Team Liberty is here to help. With the launch of their new website,, Team Liberty has dedicated themselves to providing articles and recommendations determined to not only help the average American navigate the current U.S. economic crisis but to do so with an eye toward the future. With article topics that include everything from investment in gold and precious metals to how to protect your privacy in the digital age, Team Liberty offers unique insight into key issues American’s are facing today.

Everett Hale, CEO & founder of Team Liberty, on the motivation behind launching a website based on the U.S. economy: “I wanted to start the website because I am very concerned with the direction our country is taking. Most people have no idea how to protect themselves from the coming financial chaos or from the government intrusion in every part of their lives.”

Perhaps the best way to express Team Liberty’s focus is through their mission statement, prominently displayed on the front page of the website, “Information to secure your future purchasing power and protect your wealth so you can be, do and have what you want, when and where you want it.”

Chris B. in San Marcos, CA is quoted as saying “Thanks so much for your advice on buying gold and silver. I have been buying every week now and am really amazed at how fast it starts to build up. Thanks to you, my family’s future will be better than most.”

Larry T. in Flagstaff, AZ has this to say “I am 27 years old. Two years ago, you told me to start to buy a little bit of silver (whatever I could afford) every week on the same day at our local coin dealer. Some weeks I can only afford $20 and other weeks $100 but after two years my silver stash is now worth over $8,000 and I know it will be worth a lot more in the coming years. I don’t even miss the amount I spend each week but I have found that I spend less on going out because I look at a burger or a new shirt and think 'Would I rather have a silver eagle?' and the answer is usually 'YES' so I am also saving more than I ever would have without your advice.”

Grace W. in San Marcos stated “Reading your blog gives me hope for the future.”

About OL Partners
Team Liberty is the brain child of Everett Hale, an American business owner for over forty years. Mr. Hale endured U.S. economy fluctuations for years and in 2011, decided to launch in an effort to provide assistance to other business owners and those individuals seeking advice on how to survive an unstable economy.

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