Compression Apparel Helps to Improve Athletic Performance

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New and innovative compression apparel helps runners, cyclists, triathletes, and athletes of all sports improve performance and decrease recovery time

Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah is a leader within the compression apparel industry.

Compression apparel helps athletes improve athletic performance by enhancing blood flow, as well as providing muscle support and stability. Compression clothing generally makes use of graduated compression, which features the greatest amount of compression in the part of the garment farthest away from the heart and the least amount compression in the part closest to the heart. In compression socks, for example, the greatest amount of compression is in the ankle and the least in the calf area.

Compression clothing provides many benefits to athletes. It helps to decrease the cross sectional area of the veins to create a pressure gradient, which leads to improved venous return and many other physiological benefits. Blood circulation is enhanced as a result of improved venous return. Further, compression helps deoxygenated blood go back to the heart faster, improving oxygen rich blood flow to the body. Athletes also may experience faster recovery following strenuous exercise and improved performance as compression clothing aides in the removal of blood lactate.

Athlete’s warm-ups are enhanced via increases in skin temperature thanks to compression clothing. It also helps to reduce muscle oscillation/vibration upon ground contact, providing stability to the muscle and helping to prevent micro trauma to the muscles. Delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following strenuous exercise is alleviated by compression clothing, reducing swelling and inflammation.

Misinformation within the athletic community has emphasized that a certain level of compression is necessary. It is advised by the medical community that any compression socks or garments with compression levels greater than 20 mmHg should only be worn with the advice of a physician or with a prescription, as too much compression may act as a tourniquet. Athletes, who have good circulation as a result of their body adapting to the high levels of stress during training, do not need the higher levels of compression that were designed for those with venous issues.

Zensah® is a leader and pioneer within the compression apparel industry. Their leg sleeves are the number one selling leg sleeves in America for performance and recovery. Zensah® offers a full compression line for athletes looking to achieve better times and faster recovery.

The above article does not make any specific medical claims, but rather presents the numerous benefits many athletes have experienced from using Zensah® Compression Apparel.

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