BioSyn’s Additive Now Used in Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Fueled by Recycled Oil

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BioSyn enters the fuel additives market with the exportation and successful use of its groundbreaking diesel fuel additive in heavy duty diesel engines running on recycled oil.

With skyrocketing prices of diesel fuel these days, heavy users are always on the lookout for cheaper fuel alternatives.

BioSyn’s European distributor, Dakota Shine (UK) Ltd, reported the successful ongoing operations of two (2) one-megawatt diesel-powered plants fueled by recycled oil additized with BioSyn’s diesel fuel additive. The additive addresses the short and long term corrosion problem associated with the use of recycled oil. It also helps reduce emissions by improving the combustion efficiency of the fuel and maintaining the cleanliness of the fuel injectors and fuel lines.

Recycled oil is composed primarily of a mixture of long-chain hydrocarbons with very low Cetane Numbers. They are, therefore, difficult to burn in diesel engines, resulting in heavy emissions.

In addition, the raw materials in recycled oil are a collection of different grades and ratings of used engine oils and industrial lubricants. Thus, they are laden with a myriad of residual lubricant additives and acidic materials. If not addressed, these residual materials will negatively impact the long term integrity and reliability of the engine’s performance.

With the skyrocketing prices of diesel fuel these days, heavy users are always on the lookout for cheaper fuel alternatives. The use of recycled oil in non-road applications such as power generation is an attractive alternative not only because of its favorable economics, but also because of its environmental merits. In this case, a carbon intensive non-renewable resource such as lubricants gets to be used twice.

A proprietary formulation of BioSyn, this groundbreaking fuel additive was designed to address emissions and corrosion problems associated with the use of heavy fuels, and is marketed under the trade name DM-X 200C™.

DM-X 200C is also ideal for use in other heavy fuels heavily laden with acid precursors such as Bunker C and pyrolysis oils derived from biomass materials and tires.

“Biomass-derived pyrolysis oils are now getting a lot of attention as a potential green fuel for heavy-duty diesel engines. However, its highly acidic properties create problems for long term diesel operations. DM-X 200C helps address that problem,” said Mr. Deo Reloj, the Chief Technology Officer of BioSyn.

DM-X 200C works best in reducing emissions when used in tandem with DM-X Engine Protector, an award-winning alkaline-based extreme-pressure engine oil additive. The latter imparts extreme pressure property to the crankcase oil while enhancing its alkalinity by at least 20 TBN (total base number).

About BioSyn

BioSyn is a development company established to design, construct and operate an integrated biomass-centric feedstock-flexible refinery. Prior to the completion of the construction of its refinery, BioSyn is producing and marketing analogue versions of the refinery’s green fuel products, such as green gasoline, green diesel, multi-functional military fuels and high-purity hydrocarbon solvents.

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