Saskatoon Restaurant Announces Paleo Low Carb Plan That Will Eliminate the Time Crunch As the Reason People Cannot Lose Weight

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Many people want to lose weight. However, very few people are successful in their efforts because in today’s busy world, other things such as work or kids take precedence over their diet plans. It’s simply too tough in today’s hectic world. Edmund Woo, Chef and Owner of Saskatoon: Steaks Fish and Wild Game, believes his new program of Chef prepared Paleo Low Carb Diet Meals is the solution is to losing weight while saving time.

"Time Crunch Is the Reason People Cannot Lose Weight"

The people who want to lose weight are legion. Diet and exercise books are perennial bestsellers at the local bookstore or on Amazon. Television is inundated with advertisements of this diet or that diet. Do a search on Google for diet plan and you would come up with 16,000,000 + searches.

Yet despite all of these diet books, diet products and diet plans, most people fail in their efforts to lose weight. Or if they have some success at losing some weight, they cannot keep the weight off. Are all these diet books and products wrong? Are these diet plans hoaxes?

An exercise and diet fanatic, the 17 year owner/chef of Saskatoon: Steaks, Fish and Wild Game in Greenville, SC, Edmund Woo, says, “People most often fail in their quest to lose weight is because of their lack of time… not a lack of willpower.”

How does time sabotage weight loss?

First, it takes time to buy all of ingredients and supplies it takes to prepare and support a successful weight and fat loss diet. And most grocery stores don’t stock all the needed supplies. This makes it a nightmare just on the shopping side for most diets.

Plus, it takes more time to prepare all of the different dishes for every meal. This could be 30 minutes or more for breakfast and lunch and perhaps up to an hour to prepare dinners. And, this stat is for someone already handy in the kitchen. In today’s hustle and bustle world, almost no one has two to three extra hours a day too cook.

As a result, people fall back into bad habits. They eat what they have available or what they can make easy. Or, even worse, on the run, they go to fast food outlets and eat food laden with fat and empty calories. The result: No weight loss.

After observing this problem for years, Edmund Woo has come up with a new successful diet plan that solves the lack of time road block to weight loss. Through his restaurant, Saskatoon, Edmund offers a new program of Chef prepared, precooked delicious meals based on the Paleo Low Carb diet. The meal plan offers vacuum sealed nutritionally balanced meals that can be reheated in just minutes. Every Monday evening, clients who have and are successfully losing weight through the program, pick up their food for the entire week.

Edmund says, “We provide all of the meals for you. You don’t have to use your time up for shopping or cooking. I guarantee if you eat all of your meals and snacks and don’t cheat by eating anything else, you will definitely lose weight and feel and look better!”

The Chef and Owner of Saskatoon: Steaks Fish and Wild Game, Edmund Woo dispenses free diet and exercise tips through emails that people can sign up for at:

The free emails detail Edmund Woo’s researched and refined Paleo Low Carb Diet plan proven to lose weight fast. Edmund Woo’s emails are becoming a weekly diet to help people wanting to lose fat, gain muscle and get into the best shape of their lives.

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