Award Winning Urologist and Pioneer Dr. Phillip Werthman, Warns of Testosterone Therapy Dangers for Men

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Testosterone therapy is being promoted in late night commercials as a "fountain of youth" for men but they don't give the whole story. The risky side effects such as testicular atrophy (shrinkage), sterilization and potential heart attacks among others aren't mentioned and men need to know what they might be getting themselves into before being swept up in all the hype.

Testosterone Therapy Dangers

I am sounding the warning alarm that men need to know lots of information before starting testosterone therapy that can harm them irreversibly.

Dr. Philip Werthman, Director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine in Los Angeles, warns of the side effects of testosterone therapy. As a male fertility expert, he has first hand experience with the dangers that are caused by the over diagnosis of low testosterone.

Testosterone, the molecule that is being touted as a key ingredient in the “fountain of youth” for men, has recently hit prime time. Late night television commercials ask men over age 40 if they have the symptoms of a newly-coined condition- low T and anti-aging clinics are advertising everywhere that men look.

While certainly testosterone levels decline with age, some doctors and pharmaceutical companies seem to be pushing men, even with reasonably normal testosterone levels, into using steroids with the promise it will cure their ills. For men with low testosterone levels who are symptomatic, this is appropriate treatment. For everyone, taking testosterone can be harmful to their health and their pocketbook.

Patients aren’t being told of testosterone's harmful side effects which include sterilization, need for life-long use, testicular atrophy (shrinkage) thickening of the blood that can lead to heart attacks, prostate problems and other less serious conditions. Last year, the NIH cancelled a study of testosterone therapy in older men because there was a more than 20% incidence of developing heart disease or a cardiac event.

Testosterone is a controlled substance and while its appropriate use can be very helpful, its misuse potential is great. Nobody is explaining to men the potential irreversible side effects and damage testosterone can cause when used by men who are otherwise normal and healthy.

Dr. Werthman, a pioneer in the technology of micro surgical vasovasostomy (vasectomy reversa l) spends a considerable amount of time treating men in an attempt to reverse the side effects caused by testosterone use and abuse. He states "I am sounding the warning alarm that men need to know lots of information before starting testosterone therapy that can harm them irreversibly."

Dr. Werthman has been the president of the Los Angeles Urologic Society since 2009 and has pioneered surgical techniques for vasectomy reversal and the handling of male infertility. He has been featured on TV and radio and has won numerous awards for his research and work. His most recent research shows that testosterone therapy is a leading cause of male infertility.

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