New Book, Marah Hein: The Legend of a Viking Woman, Inspires Humanity to Connect!

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Author Francine J. Colangelo brings Marah Hein’s story to life while sharing lessons of human intuition and the battle for self-identity.

Marah Hein: The Legend of a Viking Woman is the latest work of author Francine J. Colangelo. The book, categorized as historical fiction, takes readers on an exciting journey filled with spiritual and life lessons. Both the heroine’s strong will and passion add to the complexity of her character’s tender moments of vulnerability, making Marah Hein the ultimate spiritual warrior!

Unlike the popular books Unwilling Warrior or Warrior Princess, Marah Hein’s journey is based on her actual existence within an unfamiliar ancient Nordic society. Marah’s words, perfectly captured by Colangelo,does more than just entertain the reader. Marah Hein: The Legend of a Viking Woman was composed to instigate people looking for more in life. As noted in the book, “You are engaged in a battle against your fears, your flaws and your weaknesses.” This novel will captivate people exhausted by society’s expectations of what is considered “normal” or “perfection”. The legend of Marah Hein was written to help each person experience their own adventure in life.

“Marah is connected. She is connected to the Earth, to her gods, to her community. And she feels it in her heart and soul," says Francine J. Colangelo "Like every woman, Hein is multifaceted. She's a lover and a mother, an explorer, a leader... Yet it is through her deep sense of being a part of something bigger that she finds her real strength and the point of junction of all these roles. I find that inspiring and believe that it can trigger a spark in others also. We are so connected through technology nowadays however we all too often have forgotten how to connect from the heart."

Marah Hein: The Legend of a Viking Woman is a compelling story about collaboration opposed to division, and about living fully, something very much needed in today’s real world. Through Colangelo, Hein’s tale of battles and complex choices promises to resonate with its audience long after the book’s covers are closed. Like Marah Hein, this story will live on for generations to come. The book is available on starting April 23rd and will be made available in all major retail shops by request.

BOOK EXCERPT: Setting foot on this big a ship for the first time, I loved it instantly. That fondness would endure until my last breath. Some people are disquieted by the unqualifiable feeling of movement under their feet. Not me. In fact, that enigmatic motion, the mystery of the gentle appeasing rock probably explained part of my comfort and ease. But mostly, on board a vessel, there was a tranquility, a very distinctive silence possible only when sailing. A stillness flooded the air as the wind filled the sails in a soft accomplice’s embrace. This, combined with the water currents, gave one the impression of voyaging with the Earth’s very pulse, as if one were on Mother Earth’s veins and moved along with her on her eternal spin through space. In experiencing it, I realized that this innate serenity and true sensation of allowing myself to simply go with the flow answered a need in me.

ABOUT: Author Francine J. Colangelo is a seasoned writer with a diverse background. Prior to Marah Hein: The Legend of a Viking Woman, Colangelo worked as a media writer for corporate clients and newspapers in Canada. Her creativity has been recognized by the mainstream press too. Colangelo was a semi-finalist for the World Poetry Contest. She has appeared on Star d'un soir - on Radio-Canada Television with over 1.5 million viewers and also hosted a Montreal cultural show from 1997 to 1998. Ms. Francine J. Colangelo currently lives in Québec City Canada with her boyfriend. She has spent the last five years focusing on her art and writing. You can visit Francine on LinkedIn, Facebook, or at her personal

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