KanJam Hits the Shelves at the Made In America Store for the Warmer Weather to Come

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KanJam is a ‘tossing disc’ game that can anyone can play. The game is not only made here in America but it’s also made locally in Western New York. In time for the warmer weather, the Made In America Store will have the KanJam set all year long.

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KanJam Is A Disc Tossing Game For All Ages!

KanJam is the perfect indoor or outdoor activity and encourages exercise, improved coordination skills and friendly competition without physical contact.

The Western New York Area is known nationally for a lot of things. Chicken wings, The Niagara Falls, the Goo Goo Dolls and now they can add KanJam to that renowned list. KanJam is easy to set up, takes very little athletic ability to play and is mobile. The Made In America Store is now an outlet that carries the KanJam game.

KanJam plays with having two teams of two people and team members stand across from each other. The game consists of one flying disc and two scoring containers with an opening on the side that serve as goals. The distance between both goals should be 50 feet and allow at least 12 feet of room on each side of the goals to allow maneuverability.

The object of the game is to reach a score of 21 without going over. Players can score points by throwing the Frisbee towards their goal or teammate and based on how the disc lands, is given a score. If the disc is assisted by the teammate and hits the side of the goal, that is one point. If the player can throw the disc and hits the goal without any assistance from the teammate, that is two points. If a player throws the disc and their teammate hits the disc into the top hole into the goal, it counts as three points. There is a slot cut into the goal on the side and if a player can throw their disc into the slot without any assistance, it is consider a game winner.

Consumers interested in watching a live-action demo on how to play with the rules and visit here.

Charles Sciandra and Mitch Rubin, the two who created the KanJam game, started back in the mid 1990’s when a few guys started throwing Frisbees at an old banged up metal garbage can for fun. When Sciandra met up with an old friend, Paul Swisher, with the idea to start the disc tossing game, both were very skeptical anything would come of their idea. With the odds against them, as only a third of one percent of all patent ideas will ever make it to the market, the two decided to make the investment into the KanJam game.

“KanJam is the perfect indoor or outdoor activity and encourages exercise, improved coordination skills and friendly competition without physical contact,” says the makers of KanJam, Charles Sciandra.

What started as something to do to pass the time turned into one of the greatest party games known to outside enthusiasts. KanJam can be seen at backyard parties, parks, playgrounds, beaches, gymnasiums, camping trips and even while tailgating. The KanJam game isn’t limited to one kind of terrain.

After a few production and patent hurdles were cleared when they added the “Instant Win” slot into the goal, the KanJam patent was passed after 13 months. After the patent had passed, Sciandra needed to find a material that was affordable, durable and it had to easily mobile. Time and time again Sciandra met with problems when he couldn’t find a material to fit what was needed until he stumbled upon a piece of linoleum in his own basement. Sciandra then realized a heavier piece of plastic like linoleum was durable, didn’t cost a lot and could easily be cut to make the KanJam

A big reason the Made In America Store had picked up the KanJam game to sell on their shelves is because all the components used to make the KanJam game are made here, in the United States. American made toys and other recreational products are few and far between. KanJam is a perfect example of how someone can start a business here in America and support the economy by manufacturing their product using American components.

Consumers interested in the KanJam game can visit http://www.MadeInAmericaStore.com and purchase this along with over 2,500 other 100% American made products.

The Made In America Store is located at 900 Maple Road in Elma, New York and is committed to selling 100% American manufactured products. You can visit http://www.MadeInAmericaStore.com for more information or shop our catalog of over 290 vendors that are devoted to producing USA made products. All US military personnel both active duty and retired receive a discount every day. Consumers can also keep up to date news articles, events, photos and contests with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr!

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