Engineering Performance Solutions, LLC Helps Peace River Manasota Regional Water Authority Save Money

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Engineering Performance Solutions, LLC worked with Peace River Manasota Regional Water Authority in Florida on a project aimed at reducing their activated carbon cost. Using state of the art technology, a Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) evaluation test was designed to assist in choosing the most cost-effective PAC for taste and odor removal.

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"A particular PAC should be selected based on cost per unit of MIB removed, not the cost per unit weight."
- JAWWA, Vol 90. No. 1, 1998, pg. 98-109

Building upon a mutual goal for the highest quality water possible, Engineering Performance Solutions (EPS) and the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Authority joined together to choose an effective water treatment solution.

By using EPS’s Performance Based PAC test, the group was able to build a cost-effective treatment solution designed to remove taste and odor from the water. The PAC test used a variety of tools to achieve this, including mimicking plant conditions at the utility, in order to achieve the most economical activated carbon possible. In addition, this test also focused on building a dose removal curve for MIB and geosmin, two of the main compounds that produce unpleasant taste and odors in water.

Once the testing was complete, the Water Authority was able to take the best course of action to assure its consumers were able to enjoy affordable, clean water. Do to this unprecedented partnership between EPS and the Peace River Water Authority consumers have access to the highest quality water available while saving the Authority money by optimizing their carbon usage.

The advanced carbon testing tools used by Engineering Performance Solutions are the best in the industry, and clients have depended on their expertise for years. The team at EPS is proud to provide their clients with the solutions they need to enjoy clean water and noticeable savings, creating a positive effect that everyone can appreciate. By leveraging their years of experience and state of the art testing tools, the EPS team will continue to help clients in achieving the cleanest, highest quality water possible.

About the company:
Engineering Performance Solutions, LLC services include Powdered Activated Carbon Testing, Granular Activated Carbon Testing, Routine water analysis; for disinfection byproducts (Trihalomethane and Haloacetic acids), MIB/geosmin, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Pesticides and Herbicides. Their signature services include Performance Based Testing and Rapid Small Scale Column Testing (RSSCT). Headquartered in Gainesville, FL Engineering Performance Solutions consults utilities and other organizations relating to water treatment and filtration, water industry science, and other environmental consulting firms nationwide. Visit their website at or call 352-338-7770.

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