LA Shock Jock Tom Leykis Finishes Out "Golden Sentence" with CBS Radio and Begins Live Stream, On Demand Podcast Today

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Kept off the air for over 37 months due to a format change and a multimillion dollar contract, Leykis returns with a vengeance, live at and on demand at

On demand Tom Leykis podcasts are available at

LA radio shock jock Tom Leykis bolts radio for a live internet stream beginning at 6 PM Eastern/3 PM Pacific at

Plenty of people don't want you to hear this show. Women past their primes, 180-pound women with bowl cuts and sassy attitudes, wimpy guys, and owners of radio stations who are trying to find ways to keep their stations financially afloat.

The mere mention of his name invokes passionate responses from those who've heard him on the radio or even those who've heard about him.

Men love Tom Leykis. Women are frustrated by him.

Leykis (Twitter: @tomleykis), who spent over 20 years invoking rage and laughter doing afternoon drive time shows on three different Southern California radio stations and two syndication networks, sat idly for 37 months under a massive multi-year contract with his previous employer, CBS Radio, after a format change at his most recent station in 2009..

As of today, the contract is over, and Tom Leykis aims to breaks new ground as his company, The New Normal, begins production on his new live call-in show produced specifically for the internet. The show can be heard live beginning at 6 PM Eastern/3PM Pacific at or on demand at

Leykis's show, has often been criticized for its edgy content that the Los Angeles Times once categorized in a headline as "misogyny." How edgy? How about Leykis in his guise as "The Professor" and his weekly classes for men on "how to get laid for as little money as possible" or on how to "avoid dating single mothers so that their mistakes don't become your responsibilities?" Or how about his pioneering "Flash Fridays" (later copied by various other radio personalities) in which men are encouraged to turn on their headlights so that women in the know will "flash their assets?"

Leykis has suggested that women who text or answer a cell phone should be simply abandoned with the check at restaurants (because "when you pay for dinner, you are paying for exclusive access"). He has given male callers ways to save money on a date ('call her and ask her what time she's having dinner. When she says, say, 7:30, tell her that you'll meet her for a drink after she's done...say around 9:30."). He tells men not to spend more than $40 on a date, not to bring women to their homes (to avoid stalkers and what he calls "psycho bitches"), and he suggests fishing ATM receipts with large balances out of the trash cans at banks, then using the receipts as a place for men to write their phone numbers when they meet women. ("The receipt showed a quarter million dollar balance and she called me just 30 minutes after I met her!" said one apparently satisfied caller.)

Leykis says that he has "no patience for callers who agree to have babies with girlfriends, move in with girlfriends, and callers who are just plain stupid."

"Plenty of people don't want you to hear this show," Leykis adds. "Women past their primes, 180-pound women with bowl cuts and sassy attitudes, wimpy guys, and owners of radio stations who are trying to find ways to keep their stations financially afloat and their audiences from bolting to find more compelling programming on the internet to name a just a few."

Many skeptics have speculated that Leykis won't have the same audience on the internet as he did on many big West Coast radio stations, but he tells the story of a recent dry run rehearsal of the show in which there were no listeners, just a message to followers on his Facebook and Twitter pages to call in to talk to Tom, and he reports receiving over 200 calls in a two-hour period. In fact, a fan from Phoenix named Mark Caron actually paid over $3,101 in a recent eBay auction to be in the studio when Leykis cracks the mic Monday afternoon.

"There is a real demand for what we do," Leykis says. "Thank God that radio isn't filling that void."

The New Normal LLC is an audio content company founded in 2010 and owned by Tom Leykis. The New Normal produces The Tom Leykis Show, The Gary and Dino Show, The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis, The Imbiber Show with Dan Dunn, One for the Road with Natalie Bovis, and 24/7 music streams New Normal Music, New Normal Rock, Pure Pop Hits and features Great Big Radio. The company is located in Burbank, CA.

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