Mobilize.Me Expands Incentive Marketing Platform with Punchcards, Referral Rewards and Feedback Rewards

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Mobilize.Me rolls out additional ways for small businesses to acquire, engage and reward high-value customers using their automated incentive marketing platform.

We believe that integrating incentive marketing and CRM will yield more accurate and automated ways for businesses to identify and reward their best customers.

Mobilize.Me, the mobile loyalty platform, is adding additional services to their automated incentive marketing platform for small businesses. Today the company is expanding its offering to include self-service virtual punchcards, referral incentives to reward advocacy, and feedback rewards that allow business owners to create personal connections with high-value customers.

“We believe that integrating incentive marketing and CRM will yield more accurate and automated ways for businesses to identify and reward their best customers.” said Byron Binkley, Mobilize.Me’s founder and CEO. “Punchcards, referral rewards and feedback rewards are natural additions for us because they incentivize behavior that businesses want to encourage while simultaneously helping to inform an overall measure of customer value.”

Mobilize.Me differs from other loyalty programs and daily deal services in the breadth of incentives offered in one integrated plaftorm and in their focus on identifying high-value customers through a multitude of behaviors, such as sending business owners private feedback or making customer referrals.

Mobilize.Me’s virtual punchcards reward repeat purchases as expected, but they deviate from other virtual punchcards and smartphone loyalty programs in their approach to the collection of punches.

Unlike other virtual punchcards that require a consumer to scan a QR code, send a text message or ask a manager to enter their punches electronically while at the cash register, Mobilize.Me consumers self-report punches and enter them on Mobilize.Me’s website at their convenience. This streamlines face-to-face interactions, allowing users to enter punches from many visits in one sitting, and it provides customers with an opportunity to leave feedback or send out a referral over their social network when they’re not rushing to get out of line.

“In our discussions with business owners, they expressed concerns with existing approaches to virtual punchcards. If businesses are responsible for entering punches, you introduce hassle at the cash register and the need for additional equipment. If proof of purchase is determined by customers scanning a code they can easily photograph and print out at home, businesses are lulled into a false sense of security. So we went the other way - trust your customers first, and then focus on the data to discover and ban those who choose to cheat,” said Binkley.

Business owners can review the punches that customers enter and flag accounts with suspicious activity if they are ever concerned. When an account is flagged, the consumer must contact the business, either through Mobilize.Me or in person, to explain their activity and get their punchcard reinstated at the business owner’s discretion.

The purchase data captured by virtual punchcards is a key advantage over paper punchcards driving interest in the space. Transaction history provides deeper insight into customer purchasing behavior, but it also eliminates the anonymity that underpins the most common and easy to perpetrate paper punchcard fraud. Virtual punchcard fraud can be detected through data analysis and by cross-referencing customer behavior across multiple businesses.

As Mobilize.Me’s platform matures, the company’s ability to introduce and incorporate new forms of incentive marketing has accelerated. “Any time we can help businesses target the right people, whether new customers or existing customers, and motivate a fair trade with an incentive - we will do it. Some of these tools mimic analog predecessors, but many of the programs in our roadmap are new incentive-marketing innovations, enabled only by the advent of web-connected mobile technology,” said Binkley.

Mobilize.Me’s referral rewards borrow from the traditional practice of rewarding referral business, but they incorporate social networks to make the process easier on consumers and automated for businesses. Customers click a button to create a unique link to a referral deal offered by a business. They can immediately share the deal through their social networks, blog or elsewhere, and when a new customer follows the link and subscribes to the business, both parties are given the referral deal.

Mobilize.Me provides all of its incentive programs and additional services to businesses for a monthly fee per location, based on the number of consumers that subscribe to the business. Mobilize.Me is currently free for up to 50 subscribers, $24 per month for up to 100 subscribers, $49 for month for up to 200 subscribers and $99 per month thereafter. There is a one-time $49 setup fee, no contract and no additional equipment to purchase. Businesses can create accounts in a self-service fashion or with the help of a Mobilize.Me account executive.

About Mobilize.Me
MobilizeMe, Inc. was founded in February 2010 and began its national launch on December 13th, 2011 with its first city, Portland, OR. The company provides businesses with a marketing platform that applies incentives continuously and automatically across the customer lifecycle to acquire, engage, identify and reward high-value customers. You can find more information at

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