Leptonic Systems Releases Myallo HotList, a Social Networking App for iPhone, iPad

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Myallo HotList automatically checks users in to multiple social networking services like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, locates your friends, puts everything on a single unified map. It rates friends and places by "hotness", considering their location and their interest in things mentioned in their check-ins, tweets, status messages, Yelp reviews, and so on.

Each person and place has a continuously updating ‘hotness’ rating, which predicts the user's level of interest moment by moment.

Myallo HotList tracks who's hot and where, in a way no other app does.

O’Connor says, “Each person and place has a continuously updating ‘hotness’ rating, which predicts the user's level of interest moment by moment.” He says, “Hotness depends on your general rating, modified by their distance from you and other friends and places, their mentions of things you like or don't like in their tweets and status messages, and other things like the freshness of their last check-in.”

O’Connor also says, “The hotness of a place is ranked by how close it is to you and your friends, who is there, and if things of interest are mentioned in their Yelp reviews.” He says “People and places bubble up and down in the hot lists as you and they move around or change status. It’s easy to see who are the hottest people and places at the moment. You know who to call or where to go at any time.”


  • Locates Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter friends, Contacts, Facebook members and Tweets, and nearby venues, all on a single, continuously updating map.
  • Automatically checks-in to visited places, updating Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter (as you permit.)
  • See People and Places ranked according to "Hotness", a prediction of interest at this moment, using sophisticated calculations.
  • See People's most recent Facebook or Twitter status, and visit their Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Yelp pages within the app.
  • See the direction and distance of others, and call upon the "Maps" app to get driving, walking, or transit directions.
  • Control which services get check-ins, and what gets mapped or listed.

Hotlist predicts the "Hotness" of each Person and Place, updating it whenever locations or online information changes.  The hotness prediction is based on a complex formula involving proximity to others, relevance to Things of interest, a basic level of interest in them, and other things. The lists of People and Places continuously adjust as hotness changes.

Is everyone gathering at the Mall? That makes the Mall hotter. Is Joe nearby? That makes Joe hotter. Is hot Fred hanging out with not-so-hot Pete? That cools Fred down, but raises Pete up.

If friends gather together, their proximity to each other causes them to get hotter. If friends gather at a hot Place, they get hotter and so does the place.

As people move about, hotness is automatically recalculated and people and places bubble up and down the hot lists dynamically.

The locations of people and places appear as color coded "blips" on the HotList Radar map. Blips follow user location and the latest check-ins.

Entering an interest in various topics lets the app take them into account when calculating hotness. For example, if a high interest in "Great" and another "Italian" is specified, and the online reviews of a Place mention "Great Italian food", the hotness of that Place will rise. If there is a negative interest in "Bad" and "Terrible", Places (and People) with mentions of those words in tweets and reviews will be less hot.


$1.99 available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. IOS 4.3 required.

Product page: http://myallo.com/hotlist
iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myallo-hotlist/id323367064

Michael O'Connor
Leptonic Systems Inc.
Box 92, Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724

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