Fitness Marketing Tips To Keep Your Small Business Out Of Bankruptcy

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Many people want to run their own fitness clubs, but have no idea what they’re getting into. Fitness Marketing Expert and Personal Trainer Sam Bakhtiar offers advice on how to get one’s fitness startup rolling, without falling into the red. Download the “Six-Figures In 67 Days” Blueprint free of charge for the month of March at

Fitness marketing alone is not enough to make a business successful. This month, 700 families showed up to Jones Tae Kwon Do and Fitness Center in Aurora, Colorado for a workout – only to find that the doors were sealed and no one was answering the phones. Some people paid $180 for a year of classes, while others paid $5,000 a month to rent space to teach. Now all these individuals are high-and-dry because the unscrupulous Jazz Jones took off after failing to pay his rent and ripping hundreds of people off. Not everyone who fails in the fitness industry is daring enough to run off like that, but this scenario highlights a problem that is not terribly uncommon: the inability of new entrepreneurs to run their fledgling businesses.

“Many people make the call to start working for themselves,” explains Sam Bakhtiar, a personal trainer and fitness marketing expert from Chino Hills, California. “This industry lends itself to entrepreneurship particularly well, since you only really need rental space and a handful of certified trainers to teach a tae kwon do or boot camp class.” However, inexperienced business owners often make amateur mistakes that put them in the red each month and force them into bankruptcy, Sam adds.

He offers the following fitness marketing tips to help trainers-turned-entrepreneurs stay out of the rut:

1.    Invest in your education before making that move. Running a business is about more than just coaching clients to lose weight. It’s 50 percent search engine optimization, website building, linking, commenting, community-building, article publishing, blogging, press release linking, video marketing, online advertising, market research and process automation. People who don’t invest in educational opportunities to learn about fitness marketing will assuredly fail.

2.    Surround yourself with fitness marketing winners. In this industry, a trainer is the company he keeps. People who are embroiled in the hustler’s rat race tend to congregate with others of the same ilk. They need to keep hustling and bringing in $15-a-month clients constantly to keep the revolving door swinging. On the other hand, trainers who attend masterminds and workshops featuring fitness industry millionaires will naturally rise to the occasion and meet that one person who will forever alter the course of their lives.

3.     Have realistic expectations. It takes loads of time, energy and money to make a small business work. While everyone knows this, everyone also grossly underestimates exactly how much time, money and energy is needed to get rolling. That being said, unless an entrepreneur wants to be working 80 hours a week, it stands to reason that a lot of the fitness marketing tasks will need to be delegated or outsourced. Otherwise, quality of the program suffers because the owners are spreading themselves too thin.

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