Boot Camp Marketing Expert Shares Tips On Measuring ROI

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Boot Camp Marketing Guru Sam Bakhtiar wasted many years on advertising efforts that simply did not work. After grossing over $2.4 million at his Chino Hills boot camp this year, it’s safe to say he’s figured out the winning formula. He shares tips on measuring Return-On-Investment here.

Most fitness marketers waste hundreds, if not thousands, on dead-end advertisements. The main issue is that people are not measuring the results of their boot camp marketing efforts. Once a campaign has been launched, marketers sit back and hope for the best. They figure if they’re following strategies the other boot camp marketers use, then it simply must work for them too. Yet, it takes a lot more than money and a prayer to thrive in this competitive market, says Fitness Marketing Expert Sam Bakhtiar, CEO of the Fitness Concepts Boot Camp in Chino Hills.

“There is a big learning curve when you start your own boot camp,” Sam Bakhtiar explains. “When I started my franchise decades ago, there was no one around to show me how to do fitness studio or boot camp marketing. It was just something I had to discover for myself through a long, painstaking process of trial-and-error. I can’t believe for so many years, I threw money away on marketing campaigns I couldn’t measure.” Sam adds that he is now offering his advice to help fitness industry professionals avoid some of the costly mistakes he’s made.

“The cornerstone of your boot camp marketing must be measurement,” Sam says. “You need to know what you’re spending, who is responding and how much each respondent is worth. This will then dictate how much you spend in the future and how you develop your overall budgets.”

There are many boot camp marketing methods that make it easy to calculate ROI, according to Sam, whose Chino Hills boot camp grosses over $2.4 million in net profits each year. Mobile campaigns, internet ads, Groupon promotions, coupons, gift cards and email promotions are ideal tactics to track.

“It’s important for fitness marketers to understand that, in order for a promotion to be successful, you must create a sense of urgency and create a deadline. Otherwise, you won’t be able to effectively calculate the impact of a given ad.” So, for instance, an email will go out – not asking people to sign up for Sam’s boot camp “today” – but asking them to sign up before April 30th for $100 off. After April 30th, the boot camp marketing team can then try a new promotion or pitch to test its effectiveness and compare the two. “The more you test, the more you find formulas that work,” Sam says.

For a limited time, Sam is offering free business coaching calls to people who text “SUPERTRAINER” to 77453. Fitness professionals who want access to the boot camp marketing campaigns, pitches and strategies that yield the absolute highest Return-On-Investment can find these on Sam’s Super-Trainer website and in the millionaire mentorship programs he offers. These educational opportunities fill a large void in the fitness industry, which tends to emphasize exercise and nutrition information more than marketing and business advice. Sam explains, “Investing in yourself reaps the best return on investment every time.”

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