CitySpoon’s Team Uses Beta Testing Feedback to Improve its New Social Networking Platform SpoonerSpot

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CitySpoon Inc’s SpoonerSpot, a new kind of geographic micro-blogging website, has incorporated feedback from its most recent beta phase to improve overall functionality and experience

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We’re happy that our beta users like SpoonerSpot, but we’re even more thrilled with the great suggestions and feedback they’ve given us!

SpoonerSpot (, the geographic micro-blogging website that lets its users “put their life on the map”, is preparing to implement several enhancements thanks to the help of its beta testing community. Created by Las Vegas based CitySpoon Inc., the most recent beta testing phase of SpoonerSpot was launched at the beginning of March, 2012. Since that time the site has received significant media attention and a growing number of beta testing users, and with that a variety of helpful feedback has been received, all with the goal of improving the SpoonerSpot project. Now as the site prepares for its official launch in the second quarter of 2012, CitySpoon’s team is looking forward to introducing an improved site with a variety of new features designed to enhance the user experience and provide an even stronger social networking platform.

SpoonerSpot’s unique platform allows Spooners (SpoonerSpot users) to simply click anywhere on an interactive map, and instantly the other Spooners that follow the user will be able to see an entire map with highlights of the user’s life. Beta users have already taken advantage of the site’s functionality by creating Spots throughout the world, letting their friends know about cherished memories in their lives. Everything from childhood homes to first date locations to favorite restaurants to outstanding hiking trails has been Spotted by members of the SpoonerSpot beta testing community, with more and more Spots popping up every day. Spooners are also engaging throughout the site by viewing the Spots of their friends and family, and by using the site’s internal comment system to learn even more about these important geographic locations.

Though the ability to share information about one’s world works smoothly and is proving to be a hit with users, SpoonerSpot is still in its early stages. As a result, improvements to the site’s overall usability were necessary, creating the need for active and outspoken beta users. The beta testing community has since provided a slew of information, ranging from desires for easier methods of locating other Spooners, clearer indications of new and recent activity, and even enhanced layouts in certain parts of the site. Some users even requested stronger collaboration between SpoonerSpot and a few other social networking platforms, specifically requesting the ability to invite friends the users have already connected with via Facebook and Twitter. CitySpoon’s team immediately responded by developing several new pieces for the SpoonerSpot puzzle, and is looking forward to implementing these additions throughout the next few weeks.

“We’re happy that our beta users like SpoonerSpot, but we’re even more thrilled with the great suggestions and feedback they’ve given us,” said Bijan Safi, CEO of CitySpoon Inc. “SpoonerSpot is getting better every day, and we really think that all of [our users] are going to be very happy with the improvements we’ll be putting out as we get closer to launch.”

Feedback has been critical for CitySpoon’s team, as the entire goal of the SpoonerSpot project is to create a platform that is both engaging and functionally pleasing for the user community. CitySpoon has not yet announced a definitive launch date for the site, but as the team moves forward with improving SpoonerSpot’s current beta platform the eventual release moves closer and closer. SpoonerSpot is improving every day, in both functionality and appeal, and the growing number of users suggests that these improvements have been positive changes for the site. This week CitySpoon will be releasing the first of several large enhancement packages to SpoonerSpot, and the team anticipates positive reactions from all of its current and new beta testing users throughout this and all future updates, constantly moving the site towards its final, official launch.

About CitySpoon Inc.:

CitySpoon Inc. launched in the Summer of 2011. The site serves as a local guide for living bigger, better, and smarter by providing in-the-know recommendations, candid user reviews and expert advice for businesses and events in CitySpoon communities.

CitySpoon was created as a multi-platform resource for people to save money and help businesses grow. The site offers discounts on national products consumers already know and love while providing local businesses with an affordable avenue to market their current promotions. CitySpoon members are enthusiastic about life and the driving force behind the company.

CitySpoon has refocused its efforts to develop, a new Social Networking platform that uses an interactive map to display user information. This new endeavor is currently under development and holds great promise for CitySpoon Inc.

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