Couple Creates Exceptional Handmade Jewelry and Revolutionizes How Customers Shop For It Online

Share Article is the quintessential American small business success story that is changing the way the world shops for custom personalized jewelry. A young couple that makes exceptionally well crafted jewelry has developed an online jewelry design tool that allows customers to turn their design ideas into reality. The online software gives visitors total control and freedom to design jewelry on screen with just a few clicks.

Design Your Jewelry Online
Revolutionary Online Jewelry Design Tool

Elisha and Andreas Argentinis know from first-hand experience what it means to “start from scratch”, “boot strap” a new business, and be driven by “youthful optimism”. The husband and wife team are founders of Metal Pressions, a four-year old online handmade jewelry design business that is changing the way people buy jewelry.

“When we first got serious about making jewelry, I was pregnant with our third child. Up to that point, our jewelry making had been more of a hobby than a serious business venture. As a home-based business, we didn’t have a lot of space, so the dirty work had to be done in our garage shed. While I was expecting, Andreas handled all the finishing work - - poor guy!” recalled Elisha, the 38 year old jewelry designer, business owner and full-fledged entrepreneur.

The “finishing” shed would quickly reach a stifling 120+ degrees in the intense Georgia sun. After a short time, Andreas would step out of the shed drenched in sweat and his face blackened. “It was a pretty motivating experience,” recalled the Connecticut natives. “We knew we needed to either step it up, or step back.”

Today, Elisha and Andreas work in more comfortable surroundings and their clientele has expanded from the few to the many, including regular customers in Canada, Europe and Australia.

Their custom jewelry design business has moved from the cramped garaged quarters to a modern commercial facility (including air conditioning!), expanded to include two additional employees, and developed a proprietary online jewelry design software which is catching the attention of jewelry buyers throughout the world.

Elisha and Andreas’ experience with Metal Pressions is the quintessential small business success story.

Prior to establishing Metal Pressions, both Elisha and Andreas had successful careers in the corporate world - - Elisha in pharmaceutical research and Andreas in internet marketing and manufacturing - - yet neither felt “fulfilled” by their work.

In 2004, Elisha and Andreas relocated from Fairfield, Connecticut to Savannah, Georgia. At the time, Andreas was in operations management in the manufacturing sector and Elisha had taken a break from the corporate treadmill to start a family.

A biology major with a creative flair, Elisha had been making and selling custom crafts and jewelry items for several years. Her hobby provided a creative outlet as well as “fun money” for the young family.

By 2008, demand for Elisha’s custom-made jewelry items was consuming more and more of the couple’s time and energy. After discussing various “quality of life” issues impacting their soon-to-be family of five, the couple made a life-changing decision: they would opt out of the corporate world and devote their full-time energies to turning Elisha’s hobby into a bona-fide business enterprise. Combining Elisha’s artistic talents with Andreas’ background in business, manufacturing and internet marketing was the perfect match of skills and experience.

Andreas spent much of their first year as serious entrepreneurs researching the custom jewelry industry; however, he continually ran into two major roadblocks: geographic constraints of being located in a small Southern market, and the restrictive and limited design options available via existing online jewelry makers.

As the fledgling entrepreneurs discussed different business strategies, they kept coming back to the concept of an online free-form design tool allowing users to layout and design custom jewelry without restrictions or limitations. As they talked, the idea for a revolutionary online jewelry design tool was beginning to form and their business model was solidifying.
In 2011, after three years of research and development, Metal Pressions has launched their ground-breaking online WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) jewelry design platform. The software is user friendly, highly intuitive and provides each customer the ability to design, online, the exact piece of jewelry they envision in their own mind. With no limitations and no restrictions, the online jewelry design tool goes wherever the customers’ imagination leads them.

After the customer designs their personalized jewelry, Elisha and Andreas faithfully recreate their vision in gold and/or silver. Every order is a handmade original and each character and symbol is created by individual craftsman’s tools. While Metal Pressions standard line of jewelry and accessories includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, wedding bands, pendants, charms, key chains, tie clips, money clips, cufflinks, their creations are limited only by the customers’ imagination.

As word of Elisha’s quality creations continues to spread, Andreas sees the launching of the new online design tool as a whole new chapter for the family business. has taken the time-honored trade of engraved jewelry making and blended it with modern technology to offer an unprecedented shopping experience with amazing results.

This young couple “started from scratch” in a hot garage, “boot strapped” their rough idea into a streamlined business model and continue to be driven by the “youthful optimism” found only in quintessential small business start-ups. Sounds like the American success story.

Visit and see what your imagination can create. Then let Metal Pressions do the rest.

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Product/Service: Custom jewelry design & creation. Using a one-of-a-kind free-form online tool, customers create designs for artisan Elisha Argentinis to bring to life. Unlike any online jewelry design service on the market today, Metal Pressions proprietary software tool allows customers to design their exact visions. The custom piece then created by Elisha truly matches the customer’s vision and is a unique handmade original work of art.

Launched:    2008
# Employees:    4
Market:    International
Owners:    Elisha & Andreas Argentinis
Contact Info:    912-663-6037

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