Going the Distance with Positron’s TeleLite Long Reach Plug-in Optical Modules

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Positron releases their new Long Reach fiber optic transmission and receiver plug-in modules, complementing their TeleLite fiber optic transport and isolation product line.

Positron, the leader in copper and fiber based high voltage GPR isolation products, announced today the release of their new Long Reach fiber optic transmission and receiver plug-in modules, complementing their TeleLite fiber optic transport and isolation product line. These all-SMT digital plug-in modules benefit from a hardened design and are intended for an electronically hostile environment. These long reach units (49 miles) are ideal for low cost communications transport.

The TeleLite Long Reach optical modules are perfectly suited to leverage a power utility’s internal communications infrastructure using OPtical Ground Wire (OPGW) fiber cables to extend their communication network services. Single-mode optical fibers within the cable can be used for high-speed data transmission for protective relaying, system control circuit and voice and data, serving as high-speed fiber interconnection between distant power substations. The optical fibers themselves are all-dielectric. As such, they are immune to external sources of signal transmission noise, crosstalk, and induction caused by lightning discharges or electric fields associated with power transmission lines. Typically, OPGW cables contain single-mode optical fibers with low transmission loss, allowing long distance transmission at high speeds.
Positron’s TeleLite Long Reach plug-in modules are easily deployed using the OPGW and provide the following benefits:

  •     Extend Telco circuits to remote substations via OPGW without requiring an additional Telco MPOP
  •     Enable long-run, interstate communications between substations without using the PSTN
  •     Keep communications and signaling secure and internal to the power company
  •     Extend proprietary power utility VPN networks without using the PSTN

The TeleLite Long Reach plug-in modules can be used to deploy several applications, such as: VoIP, SCADA, video surveillance, protective relaying, automatic meter reading, security card access signaling, monitoring of transmission equipment, digital fault recording download and     Ethernet VPN carrying MPLS/frame relay data. All of these service applications can be attained in a very affordable system configuration solution.

The TeleLite Long Reach plug-in modules are designed and manufactured to the highest quality of industry standards and safety requirements such as NEBS Level 3, IEC 60825-1 and 60950-1 and FDA 21CFR 1040-10. The modules use robust 1550nm optics, achieving a 28dB optical link loss budget. They provide reliable operation over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. This broad temperature tolerance enables both the Copper Fiber Junction (CFJ) and the Optical Electrical Interface (OEI) to be located in uncontrolled environments where the ambient temperature can reach 65°C.

“The TeleLite product line is designed for long life and trouble-free communications in an electrically hostile environment,” explains Don Sesia, Product Manager for Positron. “Critical circuit reliability is increased by avoiding the multiplexing of many signals onto a single fiber pair, a common approach in optical communications. Multiplexing increases the possibility of single-point-of-failure affecting all circuits. With a loss budget of 28dB on a 1550nm laser, only one pair of TeleLite Long Reach modules is required per span of 49 miles, depending on the quality of splices and fiber optic cable. With the possibility of single, dual, and quad TeleLite modules, a six-pair fiber cable can use used to transmit many circuits between substations.”

About Positron
For over 40 years, Positron has been a market leader in providing high quality, reliable telecommunication solutions. Positron engineers leading edge high voltage isolation products to protect telecommunication circuits entering substations, power generating plants, cell site communication facilities, PCS sites and any high voltage area that is susceptible to the effects of Ground Potential Rise (GPR). With its Teleline and TeleLite product lines, Positron is the only manufacturer to offer a complete line of copper and fiber based high voltage isolation protection solutions.

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