Introducing Handcrated Jun Kiln Porcelain to the Modern World: Inspired by the Song Dynasty of Ancient China, Handmade by Puzhen Life

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Lifestyle Brand, Puzhen Life’s new line of handcrafted Jun Kiln Porcelain follows their company motto of “Inheriting the Tradition and Returning to Origin” as they use ancient techniques and traditional tools to recreate the royal porcelain and classic beauty for today’s home.

Handcraftsmanship of Puzhen’s Jun Kiln Porcelain

Handcraftsmanship of Puzhen’s Jun Kiln Porcelain

Royal, breathtaking, and traditionally handcrafted using the same techniques used during the Song Dynasty, Puzhen Life is thrilled to announce the new line of Jun Kiln Porcelain available on today. These high-line ceramics are designed to bring ancient Chinese culture to the modern home. Enjoy Jun Kiln Porcelain beautifully handmade tea sets, cups, and saucers. Puzhen’s Jun Kiln Porcelain series revives the royal history and national treasure of the Song Dynasty’s Official Kiln-made Jun Porcelain, inviting ancient traditions to the modern home.

“The integration of classic art and modern life is the wave of the future, and Puzhen Life is glad to be on the tip of the wave rather than behind it,” said Leander, the General Manager of Puzhen.

As a nation with an ancient civilization, China has a long and glorious ceramic history. The renowned kilns from the Song Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, which is famous for the blue and white pattern, and the Ming and Qing Dynasty, which are known for their polychromes, created pieces of Jun Kiln Porcelain that are dazzling and brilliant, shining like a bright pearl in the ceramic history in China and the world. Among them is the much acclaimed “national treasure,” the Song Dynasty’s Official Kiln-made Jun Porcelain, which is a true masterpiece and deemed a miracle that is unsurpassed in the history of Chinese ceramics. Jun Kiln-made Porcelain is the crown jewel among all types of ancient Chinese ceramics.

The Song Dynasty’s Jun Kiln-made Porcelain is the top amongst the five famous kilns in China. It became famous during the Song Dynasty as it was used exclusively by royal families, handed down for generations as a royal treasure. It represents elegance and nobility, a symbol of elite social status and identity. As a pinnacle in the glorious history of Chinese ceramics, official Jun Kiln Porcelain is highly sought after by ceramics lovers around the world.

Puzhen Life’s Jun Kiln Porcelain Series stays true to the company culture of “Inheriting the Tradition and Returning to Origin” by strictly following the Song Dynasty’s royal porcelain craftsmanship using the traditional pug and enamel coloring, porcelain modeling, and wood-kiln firing. By recreating the classical Royal Porcelain with a brand name, Puzhen Life is reenacting the grandeur of the Song Dynasty’s Jun Porcelain with the extreme of ancient methods. Puzhen meticulously strives to return to traditional royalty of the Song Dynasty by reproducing the classic beauty of Jun Kiln Porcelain. Invite ancient traditions to your home and experience the classical beauty of the traditional Chinese art and culture.

Watch a video of Puzhen’s Jun Kiln Porcelain’s Craftsmanship.

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Puzhen Life creates the way of living that enables our mind to return to the realm of purity. Puzhen’s products are designed to introduce the spirit of ancient China to today’s lifestyle, empowering you to achieve equilibrium of body, mind, and soul while engaging your five senses. Puzhen's products utilize merge Chinese craftsmanship with modern technology. The way the Pu-er tea is grown and harvested dates back to ancient times. Hand make aroma diffusers and ceramics are created with the same methods used thousands of years ago in China. Shop Puzhen’s product lines today!

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