New Site Launches to Help People with Porn Addiction

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The launch of will be a great resource for those looking for help and trying to understand the addiction.

According to Greg Johnston, who runs and has studied and written on porn addiction for 10 years, the regular use of pornography has become a socially acceptable act. According to "Real Families Real Answers", over 40 million Americans visit pornographic websites on a regular basis, and 10 percent of these people admit that they are addicted to porn. According to Reuters, there are an estimated 370 million websites contain pornographic images, fueling addicts by making material easily accessible from home.

How Porn Is Addictive

Johnston says "just like during the use of drugs and alcohol, viewing porn triggers a release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that is released in the brain and is associated with reward and pleasure. Although dopamine release is present during normal, healthy sexual activity, the "high" created by viewing porn is sustained for a longer period of time as compared to healthy sexual activity."

According to Johnston, "The exact number of porn addicts is hard to pinpoint as many addicts are ashamed of their addiction and do not make it known that they have a problem. It is important for porn addicts to realize that porn addiction is a real, psychological problem. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and help can be found at the newly launched"

The Effect of Porn Addiction on Relationships

Psychologist Dr. Victor Cline maintains that addiction to pornography progresses in the same manner as many other addictions. After the initial stage of addiction, the addict requires more exposure to the stimulus to experience the same effect as before. Eventually, more stimulation evolves into more dramatic methods of stimulation. The type of pornography accessed is more graphic and may be disturbing to non-addicts. Finally, the addict requires physical stimulation. This is where relationships suffer the most.

Johnston says "Affairs are more often initiated by people who view pornography on a regular basis. Even in relationships where a physical affair is not pursued, porn addiction causes nearly two thirds of sufferers to lose interest in healthy sexual activity with their partner. The use of pornography has been found to be a major factor in many divorces in the United States." Helps Break the Addiction

Porn addicts can find help online by accessing a new website aimed at helping people break free of their addiction. is a website run by former porn and masturbation addicts who understand the pain associated with struggling with porn addiction.

These former addicts have joined forces with experts in the field of addiction to bring a variety of resources together. Articles and videos discuss topics ranging from how prevalent pornography addiction is in the United States to how to identify the difference between a porn user and a porn addict. Addicts can discuss their issues and gain support from other people struggling with pornography addiction via the website forum.

The forum on the website even offers a place for spouses of porn addicts to reach out to the loved ones of other porn addicts for support.

More information about breaking free from porn addiction can be found at

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