Second Bed Bug Incident Alarms University of Denver Students, Encourages Officials to Use Pesticide-Exempt Solution to Safely Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs were discovered for the second time this academic year at the University of Denver. To help university officials solve the bed bug problem without the danger of chemicals, suggested the use of a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray.

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Bed bugs were discovered in one of the University of Denver housing facilities last March 22. And because this is the second bed bug incident of the academic year, it raised concerns among the students. To help university officials safely deal with the problem, encouraged them to use a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray for the treatment.

According to the report from, the bed bugs were sighted in the Centennial Towers of Denver University. It was said that two rooms and four students were affected by the incident. During the first bed bug infestation in Johnson-McFarlane residence hall last fall, 16 rooms and 30 students were said impacted.

To get rid of bed bugs, the university has three processes in its bed bug arsenal – the use of vapor strips, freezing and fumigation. And to prevent more bed bug cases, the university discouraged students to bring furniture to their dormitories. Additionally, one school official stated that they were already working on educating the students about the pests.

Below is an excerpt of the report Bed Bugs Seen Again at Denver University from

“Lately, bed bugs have been frequent visitors of schools and dormitories. And with the high traffic in residence halls and campuses, it's not a wonder why the pests love to be in those places.

"The University of Denver housing facilities are the latest spots that bed bugs visited. Based on the report, this recent sighting of the small blood-sucking pests is already the second bed bug incident of the academic year. And needless to say, it sparked great concerns among the students.”

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No place is now safe from bed bugs said And so, it advised everybody to always be cautious of the pests' presence and be ready to eliminate them.

Of all the methods to get rid of the pests though, the website recommended the use of a bed bug spray. As it said, with bed bug spray, anybody can kill bed bugs fast and easy. However, the site added that the solution to use must be pesticide-exempt so treatment is safe apart from effective.

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