PrepU Launches Adaptive Quizzing for AP Exams

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Personalized Assessment Environment Prepares High School Students to Excel in AP US History, Psychology, and Chemistry courses.

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There are a lot of assessment platforms out there – but PrepU really works. Research shows that students exhibit significant learning gains when they use PrepU

PrepU, the online adaptive assessment platform built by educators, announced today the availability of a web-based application that provides students with personalized, adaptive quizzes for the Advanced Placement (AP) US History, Psychology, and Chemistry courses. iPhone and Android applications are coming this month.

Students use PrepU to take short quizzes in which each question is targeted to the student’s current level of knowledge. Unlike many AP assessment products, the PrepU environment was conceived of and built in the classroom in response to a demonstrated student need. With PrepU, students do not spend time answering questions on subjects they have mastered nor do they waste time guessing the answers to questions that are above their current capabilities.

PrepU draws from thousands of finely-tuned, high-quality questions written or vetted by experienced AP teachers to provide each student with a personalized quiz that directly targets their areas of weakness. With over 40 million questions answered on the PrepU platform to date, each question in the PrepU engine has been calibrated for difficulty by the work of hundreds of previous student quiz-takers.

“There are a lot of assessment platforms out there – but the difference is that PrepU really works,” said Troy Williams, a vice president at global publisher Macmillan and general manager of Macmillan New Ventures, the division that includes PrepU. “Research shows that students exhibit significant learning gains when they use PrepU. We’re excited to be able to offer this system developed by educators for educators, to this first group of AP courses, and look forward to expanding our curriculum.”

Conventional practice tests and quizzes provide each student with the same standard set of questions, irrespective of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. In contrast, PrepU meets each student exactly where he or she is in his or her learning, and pushes them to the next level. The software continuously evaluates the student’s mastery level and provides the student with detailed data dashboards that indicate progress toward mastery as compared to his or her class or national cohort. By using their smartphone and selecting a personalized quiz as short as 5 questions, students can make progress in their AP courses even while waiting in line for a bus or during a commercial break in their favorite TV program.

PrepU is also now available for adoption by schools as a supplement to their AP course materials, providing AP teachers with valuable, detailed data on how individual students are progressing as well as misconceptions and areas of weakness for the class as a whole.

“My students run the full range of abilities…PrepU engages and focuses in a way I haven’t seen before,” said Janis Sposato, an AP Psychology teacher in Virginia. “PrepU seems to shift the emphasis from me teaching to the students learning by helping the students learn material on their own. They take the practice tests frequently and it’s not about scoring high, but about learning the material.”

With this announcement, PrepU takes its popular research-backed testing environment into the secondary education space after many thousands of students have benefitted from its unique approach in college life science and nursing courses. AP US History, Chemistry and Psychology are among the most popular AP exams, with over half a million students taking them each year.


  •     Quality content written or vetted by AP teachers across a range of Bloom’s taxonomy levels
  •     Valuable, comparative data for teachers on their students’ progress, understanding of key concepts, usage patterns, and learning gains
  •     With thousands of questions per product, many more questions than other AP prep products, ensuring students get plenty of practice Easy, intuitive navigation for students and teachers
  •     “How am I doing?” dashboard always shows students how they are progressing along with their strengths and weaknesses
  •     Misconception alerts inform teachers when the class has largely answered incorrectly so that teaching time can be focused on problem areas

About Prep-U

Built by teachers for teachers and students, PrepU is a powerful adaptive quizzing engine that bridges the gap between what students know and what they don't know. PrepU focuses study time with personalized, adaptive quizzes that move students toward a better grasp of the material—and better grades. For instructors, PrepU makes it easy to track the progress of each student and the class as a whole. Instructors can compare their class's individual and overall scores to those of classes that are using PrepU for the same course across the country. PrepU is part of Macmillan New Ventures, a division of Macmillan, a leading global publisher in education. For more information, please visit

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