“By Way of Searching,” Ludmila Plett’s Story of Ministry to Russian Christians

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Ludmila Plett’s “By Way of Searching” describes her journey of getting to know God intimately, leading her out of a religious cult to bring true Christianity to her native Russia.

Holy Fire Publishing (http://www.christianpublish.com) releases “By Way of Searching” (Paperback, U.S. $16.99, ISBN 978-1-60383-418-6).

“By Way of Searching,” an autobiography by Ludmila Plett, tells the story of the Plett’s trip from the Soviet Union to work with the Kwa Sizabantu Mission in South Africa. While at the mission, Ludmila encounters “the archenemy of God and of her soul,” and realizes her own sinfulness and hypocrisy. She renews her commitment to God and receives His calling to take the message of revival to her own people in Russia.

The Pletts returned to Germany, where Ludmila compiled her first three books about the revival at Kwa Sizabantu and began a ministry of counseling and mentoring to Russian Christians. After many years working alongside Kwa Sizabantu Mission, Ludmila discovers serious errors made by the mission leaders. She believed that “the revival fire had long since died; however, they’ve put on a mask of pretending for it to continue blazing. Christians and visitors at KSB have been lied to and manipulated.” Ludmila and Heinrich Plett separated from the mission, and Ludmila writes to describe how sects and cults can trap people seeking God.

”God’s word becomes living and acting, piercing through the depths of a soul. As He pointed at this passage of scripture, the Lord asked, ‘Tell Me, how often have you been under your “fig tree” and what have you been thinking while there?’ What could I say to that? In general, my Christianity consisted of attending church services, periodical Bible reading and the rest that’s considered ‘a Christian life.’ Perhaps I could use all fingers of my hands to count them down. But I had years and decades of Christian life behind my back! Then I understood where the most intimate contact begins: when a Father and child, a shepherd and His sheep, a soul and the creator who breathed life into her meet each other. There a conversation begins when one asks and another answers.”—Ludmila Plett

“By Way of Searching” is practically a confession before millions of people. There aren’t many people who would be brave enough to do that. This sincere and openhearted narrative became a spiritual push forward for me, calling me to search, think and spend time with the Bible. There is nothing as important as the truth, but to find it one must dig deeper.”—Alla Popova, editor and broadcaster of “New Life” from Multicultural Community Radio Association, Sidney, Australia

Ludmila Plett, 62, is a former medical doctor, a graduate of two prominent medical schools in Russia and a counselor with over 20 years of experience. She penned seven books, three from the counseling series. Ludmila’s next book focuses on the issues and problems of marital life. She is the founder and director of Wasser des Lebens Mission in Germany. Plett’s books (titles translated from Russian): “Revival Begins with Me,” “Time for God’s Judgment to Begin with the House of God,” “The Voice of the One Crying in the Desert,” “When the Soul is Crying,” and “Walking in the Light.” “By Way of Searching” was originally published in 2003, then translated and published in Germany in 2008. “Spiritual Sicknesses,” originally published in 2005, was translated and published in Lithuania in 2011. Ludmila and her husband, Heinrich Plett, live in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Website: http://www.wasserdeslebens.org

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