Ideal Fitness Trends Launches New Program Tailored for People Who Want to Know How to Lose Love Handles

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Ideal Fitness Trends announced today he’ll be providing some much needed information in regards to individuals who want to learn how to lose love handles.

Ideal Fitness Trends, which is a fitness company owned by personal trainer Jared DiCarmine, announced today that he’ll be releasing a video detailing for people how to lose love handles, which is also known as the stubborn lower abdominal fat. Love handles are often a very hard to target area to get rid of for even the most advanced fitness trainer. With Jared DiCarmine’s advanced and scientific course to getting rid of this problem area, individuals who put the principles of the program into practice have experienced quick and permanent results.

Mr. DiCarmine is not some average personal trainer. He studied at the birth place of Exercise Science at the prestigious Springfield College located in Springfield Massachusetts. The program at Springfield College is world renowned for its innovative teachings in the health and science field, especially in regards to the physical sciences. It was there that Jared honed his craft when it came to helping individuals target the stubborn and most hard to get rid of problem areas on his client’s bodies.

Now many people believe that they need to such spot reduction exercises such as crunches and situps in order to lose their love handles. However, according to DiCarmine, “this couldn’t be further from the truth.” Jared utilizes numerous advanced techniques such as his trademark “strategic over-feeding principle” and advanced EPOC inducing workouts, which stands for excess post oxygen consumption. According to DiCarmine, by increasing one’s EPOC levels, this increases their metabolism and allows them to burn more calories for an extended period of time after they completed their workout. According to DiCarmine, this is something that cannot be accomplished with stead-state cardiovascular exercise, or what most people commonly refer to as jogging. So by utilizing targeted EPOC workouts, DiCarmine has taken direct advantage of the “afterburn effect.” The afterburn effect is well known in weight lifting circles to be effective, but can easily be applied to exercises for love handles as well. When using EPOC methodology to target love handles, Jared suggests a number of exercises including: Burpees, Overhead Walking Lunges and Mountain Climbers.

All in all, according to DiCarmine with regards to how to lose love handles, it’s not a matter of the person exercising a lot, it’s just a matter of the person doing the right types of exercises that are strategically paired to enable their body to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time.

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