Ideal Fitness Trends’ Owner, Fitness Expert Jared DiCarmine Releases New Video On How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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Jared DiCarmine, a fitness expert and personal trainer located outside of New York City has just announced he released a brand new instructional video for men and women on how to get rid of love handles. This video is free of charge to watch and can be found on his own personal site.

Jared DiCarmine, owner of Ideal Fitness Trends has just released a video on his own personal site instructing both men and women on numerous ways that they can learn and implement on how to get rid of love handles. The love handle problem area is usually the fat that sits around the belly-button and waist on most people and is very hard to get rid of to show off a set of abdominal muscles.

Mr. DiCarmine noticed this when he was studying Exercise Science at the prestigious Springfield College, the birthplace of Exercise Science. There, he honed his craft with helping both men and women of all ages lose their stubborn belly fat and become healthier. However, the biggest problem he saw was the love handle area on most people. That was the only thing that people cared about getting rid of the most. Therefore, throughout his studies he would utilize different techniques on his peronsal clients and teach them how to get rid of love handles using such tricks as strategic over-feeding and metabolic resistance training workouts.

Strategic over-feeding as Mr. DiCarmine talks about is when an individual over-eats on certain days and certain times throughout the week all in an effort to keep their metabolism burning fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With most diets and dieters, they severely decrease their calories, which their body then senses starvation. Therefore, their metabolism will decrease, which leaves the individual with extremely slow, painful weight loss. According to Mr. DiCarmine, this is the wrong way to go about the issue of how to get rid of love handles. The reason is because they will be setting themselves up for failure over the long haul. They might see some progress in the beginning, but after a few weeks, the scale will stop moving and they’ll stop noticing changes in the mirror.

This the big reason why Jared put up this instructional video on his site because he knew people all over the world were dealing with this issue on how to lose their love handles.

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