Restaurant Scheduling Software: Goldie's Gets It

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Brad Magg and David Jennings discuss the transition from paper systems to restaurant scheduling software at their independent restaurant, Goldie's Ice Cream Shoppe. TimeForge released a case study on the business on Thursday.

TimeForge, a labor management software provider, released Thursday a case study on the affect its software has had on Goldie's Ice Cream Shoppe. TimeForge interviewed Goldie's Owner Brad Magg and Manager David Jennings about why they were in the market for scheduling software and the impact TimeForge's web-based restaurant employee scheduling and attendance tracking products have had on the restaurant.

Goldie's, an independent restaurant in Prairie City, Iowa, has prided itself on outstanding customer service for many years. Owner Brad Magg knows employee satisfaction and morale are essential to the repeat business Goldie’s has developed over the years, but David Jennings, manager of Goldie’s, loathed the handwritten system he had been using: “The schedule was all written in by hand and photocopied. We had a manual time clock. Time cards would disappear.”

With the handwritten system, Jennings knew that his restaurant employee scheduling was lacking. “I always had to hunt down employees to figure out what their availability was... It was just a nightmare all around... I would text every single employee with his or her schedule for the week. It gave employees the opportunity to say, ‘I read the text wrong.’ ...The hassle was that I personally was always getting hassled – constantly texted and called. It was always, ‘I can’t work’; ‘who else is available’; ‘I don’t have their phone number.’ ”

Initially, Jennings said he was hesitant to implement TimeForge because of the older people Goldie’s restaurant employs. Jennings knew many would be resistant to use of restaurant scheduling software. “At first, there was some grumbling among the employees, but now 95% of them are enjoying the new system and appreciate the benefits to them... The employees love it because they know that they are going to have a day off when they need it. Before TimeForge, it was so disorganized that they might get it, or might not.” The most noticeable TimeForge benefits for Goldie's included an improvement in employee morale and a reduction in employee turnover. “Our employee morale is better because they feel like they have a better handle on the schedule. They know when they’re going to show up, and they know they won’t be the only one on the shift because we forgot to schedule someone else!”

Magg and Jennings decided to use TimeForge TimeClock Mode to accurately track employee attendance without purchasing any new equipment. With TimeClock Mode, Goldie’s employees clock in and clock out quickly on the Goldie’s office computer without interrupting sales at the front of the store. Jennings and Magg can keep a close eye on labor costs, whether they’re at the store or on the go, since web clock-in is in real time.

With the restaurant scheduling software Jennings and Magg chose, labor cost analysis is also greatly enhanced. “I like knowing how much it is costing me to do the schedule,” Magg said. “With pen and paper, it was easy to schedule an extra person. I’m much more conservative when scheduling than I used to be... I had no idea what my scheduling budget was until after I wrote paychecks... Employees were scheduled as needed. During slow seasons, I just kind of guessed and hoped it was appropriate.”

TimeForge has case studies in the restaurant industry illustrating the need for – and benefits of – implementation of simple restaurant scheduling software for improved employee morale, reduced turnover rates, increased profit, and elimination of scheduling and attendance tracking headaches.

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