Necessity, the Mother of Invention, Has a New Baby! Introducing the PINK SLIP™ Slide Sheet, an Affordable, High-Compliance Solution to New Safe Patient Handling Legislation

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Wy’East Medical has an answer for new safe patient lifting mandates like California’s AB 1136 legislation -- the Pink Slip™ for zero-lift patient handling

Wy'East Medical's Pink Slip for safe patient transfers.

“The Pink Slip makes moving patients easier and less hazardous for any nurse, caregiver or hospital staff worker. Injuries and costs from injuries of patients and healthcare workers can be drastically reduced," Steven Smith, president, Wy'East Medical.

Numbers don’t lie. Even if California’s AB 1136 -- mandating new safe patient handling policy in healthcare facilities -- had not become law, the need for medical devices that safely lift, reposition and transfer patients without causing injury is evident. Healthcare workers have suffered serious physical and financial setbacks by moving patients without proper training or equipment – not to mention affliction to the patients. The skyrocketing numbers of injuries on both sides of the curtain are staggering.

According to the American Nurses Association, more than one-third of back injuries among nurses and other caregivers have been associated with the handling of patients and the frequency with which caregivers are required to move them. The cost to the nation in 2008 was estimated at 7.4 billion dollars in direct and indirect costs for worker’s compensation claims, medical bills, and staff replacements for health care workers (U.S. Senate, 2010; UMass, 2011).

Enter Wy’East Medical, a safe patient lifting device manufacturing company that has been busy studying cause and effect of patient transfer systems for more than 20 years. Wy’East’s latest creation is the Pink Slip™ Slide Sheet. Its friction-reducing properties, with HD Poly Warm-Touch Technology, make lateral patient transfer and repositioning easier to accomplish. It claims one of the lowest slip index and highest recycling ratings on the market.

Wy’East patient mobility solutions are now used in one out of every three hospitals in the United States.

“At a time when California has passed AB1136 to lower risks for healthcare providers, we want staff to know there’s an affordable, high-compliance option -- the Pink Slip,” said Steven Smith, President, Wy’East Medical. “The Pink Slip makes moving patients easier and less hazardous for any nurse, caregiver or hospital staff worker. Injuries and costs from injuries of patients and healthcare workers can be drastically reduced.”

The Pink Slip Slide Sheet is not only compliant with new legislation for safe-patient handling, it’s recyclable, reusable for individual patients, and a fraction of the cost of ceiling track lift systems or air transfer technologies. The sheets require no capital investment or complicated installation. A wall-mounted dispenser holds up to 10 Pink Slips at a time. Caregivers can use one sheet over and over for the same patient and then dispose of it when they’re done.

“The proper use of patient transfer systems results in a dramatic reduction in injury to caregivers and patients. Many organizations have seen the benefits where they matter most — on the bottom line,” said Eric Race, president and founder of Atlas Lift Tech, a company that provides safe patient handling programs and services for the medical industry. “These results are measured in terms that most organizations notice: fewer claims and a marked reduction in lost days away from work (DAW). We have found the Wy’East’s product line including the Pink Slip and TotaLift-II to help us accomplish just that.”

Wy’East Medical offers other safe patient handling devices, each meeting healthcare challenges and in compliance with new laws like AB 1136. Besides the Pink Slip Slide Sheet, Wy’East patented lateral patient transfer systems include the TotaLift II Transfer Chair, an innovative stretcher that converts to a chair; the TC-300 Treatment Chair, an all purpose chair that converts into a stretcher; and transfer accessories such as slings, trays and upper side rails.

“We’ve found that hospitals using our products are seeing greater acceptance among staff because of the products’ ease of use,” said Smith. “Healthcare staff is far more likely to comply with new policy and use safe patient lifting systems if they are accessible and simple to use. The Pink Slip's coefficient of friction makes patient transfers smooth and effortless.”

Wy’East patient transfer solutions offer:

  •     Compliance—used and reordered the most by staff;
  •     Practicality—no batteries, assembly or electricity required;
  •     Proven track record—reduces risk of back injuries in patient handling;
  •     Bottom line benefits-–fewer lost workdays and injury claims;
  •     Training support--provided by qualified Wy’East staff

About Wy’East Medical
A privately-held company, Wy'East Medical, has been developing and manufacturing high compliance solutions for safe patient handling in hospitals and care facilities for more than 20 years. Wy’East’s unique, patented lateral patient transfer chairs are designed to minimize risk and enable caregivers to move patients safely and comfortably without lifting – facilitating “zero” or “no” lift policy compliance. Wy'East houses both its corporate offices and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Clackamas, Oregon — a suburb of Portland — with full access to shipping providers for both national and international destinations. The company takes its name from the Native American term for Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest, most majestic peak. For more detailed information, visit the Wy’East website,

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