NSG Precision Cells Releases New Screw Cap Absorbance Cuvette

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NSG Precision Cells has perfected their absorbance cuvette product line by adding resealable quartz screw cap absorption cuvette that are selling like hot cakes.

nsg absorbance cuvette and absorption cuvette

NSG Screw Cap Absorbance Cuvette

Many of the inexpensive cuvettes may be faster when it comes to spectroscopic assays but their accuracy is very limited. Some of the best quality absorbance cuvettes are made of ES Quartz.

NSG Precision Cells, a leader in the silicon industry, is pleased to announce their new innovative screw cap absorbance cuvette. With over 50 years’ experience and expertise, NSG Precision Cells is recognized as a frontrunner in advanced quartz technology and quality products.

NSG’s absorption cuvette is made from the finest Extrasil (ES) Quartz and handmade in Japan to ensure the upmost quality optical polish with absolutely no defects. In fact, every single cell is carefully examined and inspected prior to leaving the factory.

Although there are many types of cuvettes, finding a quality cuvette for clean and correct samples can be a challenge. Many of the inexpensive cuvettes may be faster when it comes to spectroscopic assays but their accuracy is very limited. Some of the best quality absorbance cuvettes are made of ES Quartz.

Compared to other cuvettes, the ES Quartz cuvette is by far the better choice. In fact, ES Quartz is a little better grade than the UV Quartz which is considered top of the line. This is because it offers excellent transmission in the lower nm range. While cuvettes such as plastic have an nm range of 380 to 780 in the visible spectrum, UV Quartz has an nm range of 220-2500 and ES Quartz has an nm range of 170-2500.

One of the most standard procedures in laboratories is defining which wavelengths of light a chemical solution absorbs. This information assists researchers in analyzing the contents of sample solutions. Moreover, absorption can measure expanded spectral range as well as single wavelengths.

The NSG’s absorbance cuvette has full-spectrum capabilities and is highly accurate. In addition, it only needs to sample one time. This not only is it cost effective for scientific laboratories but it is extremely effective for quality samples.

NSG Precision Cells is highly experienced in forging and constructing superior products like the absorption cuvette, spectrophotometers and various types of other cuvettes. In fact, the didymium glass filter will definitely meet the growing needs of today’s laboratory scientists with very precise wavelength(s) calibration standards that are easy to use. Moreover, NSG provides full support even after acquisition.

With leading edge technology and knowledge, NSG Precision Cells is highly skilled in manufacturing, fine tuning and forging glass and quartz products that are dependable. Not only are the absorption cuvettes thoroughly inspected but they are also fire fused to confirm the best bonding.

Additionally, Precision Cells absorbance cuvettes are guaranteed to give you unsurpassed optical transmission. The wide arrays of features are outlined as follows; Precise test-retest reliability, can be used for anaerobic work, two windows optically polished, has a standard light path of 10 mm, offered only in high grade ES Quartz, fire fused to confirm the best bonding, assurance of the best optical transmission, comes with open (SC2) and closed (SC1) screw caps, each cell is carefully examined before leaving the factory, exceedingly accurate results, needing only one test sample, hand made in Japan, warranting the best quality optical polish with absolutely no defects

With the growing need for precise quality of samples and constant changes in analysis it is vital to have the newest technology to secure accurate readings. At NSG Precision Cells, you can be assured that each screw cap absorbance cuvette will meet the demands of laboratory analysis and provide resolutions for today’s laboratory standards.

About NSG Precision Cells

NSG Precision Cells, Inc. was founded in 1958 and has been growing ever since. NSG Precision Cells, Inc. is a well established, highly regarded quartz manufacturer and we specialize in the manufacturing of quartz flowcells, quartz flow channel cuvettes, quartz microchips, quartz cuvettes, and other quartz optical products.

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