Fitness Company Ideal Fitness Trends Just Released Brand New Video On Certain Exercises For Love Handles

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Jared DiCarmine, owner and operator of Ideal Fitness Trends, has just released a brand new video specifically for people who are interested in learning about different and unique exercises for love handles, which centers around sound and concrete exercise physiological principles.

Jared DiCarmine, a fitness expert and personal trainer located outside of New York City, owner of Ideal Fitness Trends has just released a brand new video for both men and women on the issue in regards to using certain exercises for love handles that can help an individual get rid of this problem area permanently. DiCarmine studied at the prestigious Springfield College located in Springfield Massachusetts, which is the birthplace of the study of Exercise Science. There he graduated Magna Cum Laude and was one of the top in his class.

While studying, he honed in on the reason why people had such a problem getting rid of their love handles. He realized when he would be training clients and having them fill out questionnaires, that they were doing all the wrong exercises for love handles. They believed that one was to do nothing but the classical abdominal sculpting exercises like crunches and sit-ups and that would be all they needed.

According Mr. DiCarmine, the truth are those exercises will not make a single dent into their love handle problem and help them get rid of the fat around their belly-button area. He states the only way to effectively target this hard to lose stubborn belly fat area is through the use of intense EPOC inducing workouts. EPOC stands for excess post oxygen consumption and is positively correlated with one’s metabolism. So by increasing one’s excess post oxygen consumption levels, they will inevitably increase their metabolism and thus burn more calories over the long haul as compared to doing certain exercises for love handles like crunches and sit-ups.

According to DiCarmine, the best type of workout to burn calories for up to 36 hours after someone finishes their workout in order to get rid of their stubborn love handle problem is any type of workout that involves intense interval training or metabolic resistance training. These types of workouts have been proven to be the most metabolically demanding on someone and their body. Therefore, they burn more calories during the workout and elevate their metabolism for hours after they have finished as opposed to doing specific toning exercises for love handles.

All in all, you can find out more about these types of workouts by clicking one of the links above.

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