MiniVAP Performance and Materials Sets New Trend for Portable Vaporizers by Authorized Vaporizer Dealer

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The miniVAP is now the only portable vaporizer to offer performance and design patents and testing that competes with the best table top vaporizers. This means that the miniVAP is reliable and has scientific backing. Compare this to many of the other portable vaporizer’s on the market and people would see that most other vaporizers on the market are not tested or patented, and have no backing.

No sooner is the miniVAP released then a slew of new vaporizers come on board that tout both performance and purity. But the miniVAP is the only portable that truly delivers with better materials and better design. Only the miniVAP is both laboratory tested and patented throughout the world. The miniVAP is the only portable with money back guarantee as well as the design to match.

“Many of these new designs claim to have patents and laboratory testing, but when you investigate further, you find that miniVAP is now the only portable with multiple patents in many countries,” said Darren Romar, Co-Owner of Authorized Vaporizer Dealer. “By doing some simple checking, we can find that miniVAP is the one that is tested and proven, and that extra level of care means that the miniVAP really is the portable that delivers where no others can. Many other portables work well, but they simply can’t achieve the same purity as the miniVAP. Other battery units use wood or other inferior materials and their vaporization process actually burns the material rather than vaporizing which defeats the purpose of using a vaporizer.”

The venerable butane models have unique attributes in many forms, yet butane has byproducts, and butane units do not have the same high grade materials used by the miniVAP. The miniVAP, unlike butane models, does not create byproducts and performs just as a vaporizer was meant to. The miniVap is cut above because it uses clean electric power, just like other more famous table top vaporizers.

Truly high grade performance in a potable is hard to come by because none use the kind of electric performance that delivers the consistent purity of the best vaporizers. At least until Authorized Vaporizer Dealer introduced the miniVAP to the market. Now there is only one option when it comes to the best portable, and that's the miniVAP. It may seem more expensive than the other portable vaporizers (which it is in the short run) but the miniVAP’s performance, quality, and major level of efficiency, really pays off in the long run.

For a real high grade performance in a portable, there is only one way to go. Get the miniVAP, the best performing (patented and tested) portable on the market. Call Authorized Vaporizer Dealer today at 1-800-659-8731 to order one today, or to ask for more information. And be sure to visit Authorized Vaporizer Dealer’s web store at Purchase one today and be a proud owner of a truly high grade, with a beautiful design, portable vaporizer.

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