Child modelling - is your child suitable? La Mode London, Model Advice Specialists, Offer Three Top Tips to Tell If Your Child Has Got What It Takes

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'Every parent thinks their child is the most beautiful in the world,' say the experts at La Mode.' But not every child is cut out to become a child model.' recommends their three top tips to check if a child could make it in the modelling market. 'A child can't make the decision to become a model; it's all down to the parents.' But La Mode warns, 'A parent needs to know from the offset -their child's modelling needs to be considered a hobby, not a profession.'

Child Modelling Advice

Child Modelling

A child needs to show inclination and interest in modelling.

La Mode London specialise in all sorts of model advice. Offering parents' guidance on how their child can become a model is just the beginning.

The modelling advice company at the heart of the modelling industry recommend three top tips to tell if a child has got what it takes and how to become a model. 'We all consider our kids to be Angels, but looks aren't everything. A child needs to have three other qualities if they are going to be successful at child modelling'. The spokesperson from La Mode continues,' a child, no matter what age, hasn't got the ability to consider modelling for themselves; it's up to the parents to see if they can tick off these three important qualities in their kids.'

La Mode goes on to explain that, apart from looking right, a child needs to show an inclination and interest in modelling. Does the child like to show off, have a tendency to jump up in front of a family gathering and perform or try to be centre stage at a party?

'If the answer is yes', say La Mode, 'then this is the first test past. If the child likes to get dressed up or has got a tendency to jump in front of the camera when you're trying to take a picture of the dog, then they have one of the qualities needed straightaway.'

The second tip is to practice their smile, posing in front of mirror, or better still in front of a camera. Do they enjoy it? La mode advise parents to take their child outside and see if they continue to preen in front of the camera lens or do they become bored easily and distracted. 'This is a tricky test,' admits La Mode. 'It can be hard to tell. Depending on the age of your child, the younger they are then obviously they will get easily distracted, it's inevitable, but parents will know deep down if they seem to show a real interest and are enjoying themselves.'

The third key piece of advice can impart is ,' if the results are positive and you genuinely think your child would gain a lot of enjoyment out of modelling, then a parent now needs to question themselves. Can you give up your time and effort to support your child's potential modelling career? Have you got the time to give up evenings or weekends to take your children where ever they need to go, to casting sessions and photo shoots?'

'It isn't fair to push a child into doing something if they lack interest. Only a parent knows their children well enough. Ultimately a child will resent their parents in the long run if they are pushing them too hard in a direction they don't want to go.'

La Mode offer ongoing modelling advice alongside their fantastic portfolio service. Http: is for all the latest modelling advice.

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