Bed Bugs Bring In $3.5 Million Hamilton County Spending, Suggests Use of Safe Bed Bug Spray to Reduce Cost

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Bed bugs got Hamilton County spending $3.5 million to solve a bed bug problem. To help the county reduce the cost of their bed bug treatment, suggested the use of a bed bug spray that is pesticide-exempt.

Small as they are, bed bugs can cause big troubles.

Bed bug presence can lead to a huge spending. Many already fell victim to the big financial problems that they can bring. Hamilton County in Cincinnati is the latest to experience the monetary troubles the pests can cause. Wanting to help the county reduce the cost and save the others from expensive bed bug fixes, suggested the use of a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray.

As said in the report from, bed bugs are costing Hamilton County $3.5 million. The amount is being spent to repair the flooring of the Department of Job and Family Services building.

Reportedly, the pests have been a nuisance in the building for a number of years already. And to get rid of them, the county is replacing the carpet of the building. According to Moira Weir, director of Job and Family Services department, the carpet is already 18 years and is beyond its useful years. The health department added that it is already a health risk.

Below is an excerpt of the report Bed Bugs Causing Hamilton County $3.5 M Problem from

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. Surely, you have heard that before. However, these days, that rhyme is more than just a nursery verse. With bed bug infestation now surging everywhere, you should take that as a warning. If you won't, you could end up with a huge bed bug spending just like the Hamilton County in Cincinnati.

Reportedly, Hamilton County is spending $3.5 million to fix the problem bed bugs brought in. The repair is specifically for the flooring of the Department of Job and Family Services building. Bed bugs have been a problem in the area for some years now said Moira Weir, the director of the department.

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Small as they are, bed bugs can cause big troubles. And so, steps must be taken to eliminate them and to avoid the worse effects of their presence.

But though replacing an infested carpet can get rid of bed bugs from a particular place as what Hamilton County did, it isn't enough said The pests are sneaky and can infest back the area, it said. To prepare for their possible comeback and to eliminate them easily and quickly, the site advised the public to have a bed bug spray ready.

Of all the available solutions though, only recommended the use of a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray. Pointing out that many commercial bed bug products have harmful ingredients, it stated that only a pesticide-exempt bed bug solution can deliver an effective and safe bed bug treatment.

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