Bed Bugs Movie in the Works, Dishes Out Details

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A movie featuring the vampire-like bed bugs is in the works. shares the details about the upcoming bed bug film.

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Bed bugs have been headlining news for the past few years now. And with their infamy all throughout the country, even the world probably, it's not much of a surprise for many that they are soon to have a movie. However, with a movie or not, bed bugs are still pests. And for all the unpleasant things that they can bring, any bed bug sufferer must eliminate them, said

The said movie featuring the small blood-sucking insects will be based on a best-selling novel entitled Bedbugs as reported by Ti West was the hired script writer of the film.

Written by Ben H. Winter, the novel revolves around a small happy family who just moved in a Brooklyn apartment. Soon after their transfer, they were troubled by what they deemed bed bugs. However, with no sign of the troublesome pests seen, they are faced with a more mysterious problem.

Given that the story's plot is in New York where bed bugs have been causing havoc, critics believe that many can relate to the movie.

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You may be tired hearing or reading this but bed bugs are really now everywhere. You hear news about them in hotels, hospitals, stores, furniture shops and even on trains. And now, they are conquering even the theaters and I mean they're not just infesting the chairs and the curtains. They will be on-screen.

Inspired by them and the dread and fear that they bring, a movie is said in the works to feature them. Ti West, the writer and director of the movie The Innkeepers, was hired as the script writer. The movie will be based on the best selling horror novel by Ben H.Winter entitled, what else but Bedbugs.

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