Early Retirement Becomes Possible for Most Boomers in a Frugal Green Retirement Community

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There is now an option for most baby boomers to retire now rather than later. This unique lifestyle will provide a quality of life that should be at least looked at.

Ten thousand boomers are reaching 65 years of age every day and most feel that retirement is not an option. By following the information given by Peter Blackman, in a frugal green retirement community it is now possible for most boomers to retire now rather than later.

Peter Blackman is a retired electrical controls contract engineer who is versed in renewable energy, power, geothermal energy, and hydroponics and financial planning.

All the latest green technologies are incorporated in this very unique and high tech frugal green retirement community. Future green innovations will be added as time goes by.

Being green does not mean that this community is more expensive to buy into or be a member of. What being green means is that the cost of living in this community will be less, food will be free or at least very inexpensive because each living unit has its own indoor growing area free of pest and changes in weather which allows a 365 day growing season.

All utilities are provided by sun power and or wind power. The growing areas and the living areas use LED grow lights powered by the sun or wind. The green buildings are heated and cooled by geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is found in abundance just 6 feet below our feet.

Using hydroponics, a growing area of 250 sq ft can usually feed a family of four. Each living unit has 750 sq ft of growing area and most frugal green retirement units usually will only have 2 people living in them.

Of course retirement will be more of a success for those having little to no debt and no monthly mortgage to pay. This frugal green retirement community is designed to shield retirees from outside economic eruptions and inflation.

In most cases community participants will be financially better off and will have a healthier lifestyle. This new lifestyle should decrease illness and therefore lower medical expenses.

In the end this kind of lifestyle will allow baby boomers to sustain a longer quality of life and have full retirement now rather than later.

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