Jared DiCarmine, Owner of Ideal Fitness Trends and Expert Fitness Trainer, Just Released a Brand New Video on His Site for People Who Wants to Understand the Different Ways

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Expert fitness trainer and exercise science graduate Jared DiCarmine just put out word he just released a brand new video on how to lose love handles for both men and women who have trouble getting rid of this problem area of stubborn belly fat around their waist-line.

Jared DiCarmine, a personal trainer who mainly works right outside of the greater New York City area, just released a brand new video for both men and women all over the world that deals with the issue on how to lose love handles. Love handles are the hardest part for a lot of people to shrink down and remove from their waist-line and usually the last place for the fat to be melted off when someone is trying to diet down and lose some weight. DiCarmine noticed this and put together and entire instructional video on this issue that is tailored to both men and women who can start using the information contained within starting today.

According to Mr. DiCarmine, for people who want to know how to lose love handles, they need to follow some simple steps and implement a few tricks along the way in order to make this problem area disappear. The real problem, he states, is that most people are doing all the wrong things such as doing too much regular, slow and boring cardio, while simultaneously decreasing their calories to the point that their body believes it is going through a famine. Therefore, their metabolism decreases by a lot, which leaves the individual with painfully slow weight loss. Then the individual cuts their calories even more and increases the cardio again, which just forces their fat-burning metabolism into a nose-dive.

According to DiCarmine in the video, he goes over specific ways that someone can drastically cut their calories without having to worry about their metabolism decreasing as well. He calls this his “strategic over-feeding” principle where the individual who wants to know how to lose love handles, specifically over-eats on certain days and on certain times to prevent a metabolic downgrade as much as possible. Then, according to DiCarmine the strategic pairing of metabolic resistance training workouts will help the person burn up a lot of extra calories over a period of 36 hours; something that cannot be achieved with regular steady-state cardiovascular workouts.
If you’d like to watch this video, then click on one of the links above.

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