Newest Teen Novelist, Matthew Francis-Landau, Scorches Political Folly and Inhuman Activity in His First Sci-Fi Book Entitled -12-. Released May 1, 2012

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-12- The science fiction novelette by Matthew Francis-Landau -- twists sci-fi, Vonnegut-like sardonic events into an edgy call-to-duty for all citizens who slumber passively while government destructive folly abounds. Make Life Happen Publishing is releasing this book May 1, 2012.

Matthew Francis-Landau

I wrote -12- because my generation is incensed. Politicians argue foolishly. Banks lose citizens' money and steal patrons' houses; Constitutional privacy rights are stomped upon by congressmen; weapons are sold to enemies."

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The book -12- unfolds in a sci-fi landscape which catapults the reader into edgy, Kurt Vonnegut-like consciousness. -12- challenges the reader to grapple with complacency or socialized narcissistic passivity. This swiftly digested twist of events grabs the ordinariness of any reader's life and suggests that courage and action be embraced in order to prevent inevitable social decay. May 2012, -12- will be released in paperback and hardback available through Amazon by June.

-12- by Matthew Francis-Landau grapples with science fiction concepts of time-travel, technological advancements and human de-evolution or progression. As with all sci-fi, -12- entertains and creates wonderments among the quantum landscapes of futuristic imagination.

-12- being released during 2012 perhaps points the grim reaper's finger at the true devastations of 12-21-2012:

     political folly,
     governmental unscrupulousness,
     the power tools capable to massively destroy, and the stupidity to use it,
     citizens' complicity, and the
     ridiculousness of having technological power placed in the hands of the unwitting.

Teen novelists often examine society freshly out of their perception of social failure. -12- is no exception. Matthew Francis-Landau explains, "2012 is my first year to vote. I am inundated with politicians shouting stupid disagreements while Banks mismanage money of citizens and then knowingly steal houses of their patrons. Privacy rights are stomped upon by government elected officials despite Constitutional protection while citizens yawn drowsily. Weaponry is exported for profit to soon-to-be-enemies. My generation is incensed with these types of societal events. My book -12- focuses a sci-fi futuristic microscope on to the mindsets of citizens who allow these activities to take place."

Matthew Francis-Landau, author of -12- is no stranger to technological advancements. He soon will graduate from California Academy of Mathematics and Science High School, which ranks among the top 25 in the nation's schools. Francis-Landau earns spending money as a computer programmer and invests countless hours weekly creating land, air and water robots. He is known also among the underground wizards of the open-source programmers who impact many dimensions of technology and coding. Francis-Landau's views Artificial Intelligence as a key to human evolution and will pursue his University training with an AI focus.

"12" is a swift read which will entertain every reader, intrigue the techno-geek, and will inspire the social-minded political activists of the '60's and 2012 alike.

Matthew Francis-Landau can be reached for interviews at FrancisLandau.Matthew(at)gmail(dot)com or through publisher MakeLifeHappenNow(at)gmail(dot)com / 310-528-4724.

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