PunchPin, a Revved-Up Pinterest-style Site for Guys Launches

PunchPin is a new social pinboard site where guys can be guys, without apologizing for it.

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We are bringing something unusual to the market - PunchPin is not tame, it's not always politically correct and it's not for kids...complete with guy humor, women, cars, grilling, booze, and even explosions.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2012

PunchPin.com, which provides guys with a Pinterest-style format with a clearly male-oriented look, content and sensibility, launched April 2nd.

"The gloves are off..." says PunchPin founder Tim Donahue, who started the site with his wife and business partner Dawn Donahue. "We are bringing something unusual to the market — PunchPin is not tame, it's not always politically correct and it's not for kids. It's got a punchy revved-up tone complete with guy humor, women, grilling, booze, cars, fighting, sports and even explosions."

The question many are asking after seeing the stratospheric growth at Pinterest, which has mostly female users, is whether men will engage in social bookmarking and sharing in the same way that women do.

"Men engage in millions of social shares and conversations daily" adds Donahue "…and a lot of guys are voracious social media consumers — but we're wondering if they really want to create collections the same way that women do, but in guy-centric topics."

Gift list creation could end up being the male equivalent of the female collecting phenomenon. PunchPin features a lot of gadgets and cool man toys, and gives every user gift lists he can easily save to show his wife or girlfriend the birthday or anniversary gifts he wants. "Finding a good gift is almost always difficult, so using a gift list makes it easier to find a gift the guy actually wants."

Another good question is how acceptable a guy's bookmarking site like PunchPin will be in the workplace due to the sometimes racy and clearly male-centered content. "We are trying to find a good mix of guy-centric content without going totally over the top, and we hope guys will feel comfortable using PunchPin in the workplace like they would with Facebook. But it will depend on the user and the work environment obviously."

PunchPin founder Tim Donahue says "The world doesn't need another boring pseudo guy site, it needs a visually exciting pinboard where guys can be guys, without apologizing for it. The pinboard format makes it easy to share images and videos focused around guy themes like tools, food, cars and of course, pretty women."

PunchPin has no invites, unlike many sites in this space. "PunchPin is up front and straight-forward — no invites, fake waiting lists, no tricks. Come, enjoy, contribute, have a good time." http://PunchPin.com    

About PunchPin:

PunchPin founders Tim and Dawn Donahue run Kilowatt Partners, Inc. and have been entrepreneuring for years. Their last project BigStockPhoto.com, a crowdsourced photography marketplace, was acquired in 2009.

Dawn Donahue
Kilowatt Partners
(530) 341-2004


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