The Poison of Ignorance & the Plague of Gov't Incompetence Exposed. The Imperfect Messenger Foundation says: “Bill Moyers’ Interview of David Stockman is a Must Watch."

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David Stockman held court as the Budget Director during President Reagan’s first term; many recall him as the filter by which “Supply-Side Economics” became the Administrations mechanism for revitalizing the stagnant U.S. Economy the results of which, initially, achieved only mixed results. Recently, Mr. Stockman was interviewed by Bill Moyers whose well seasoned acuity captured key issues relating to the “Financialization” of the U.S. Economy as seen through the perspectives and deep economic knowledgebase of David Stockman. The Imperfect Messenger Foundation is dedicated to exposing the divisive-dynamics of Pagan-Ideologies adverse to the interests of the American People; we applaud Mr. Moyers dedication and through his efforts the public is exposed to the substantive aspects of Stockman’s inside view of what he calls, “Crony Capitalism.” The Foundation strongly encourages the Public to view this insightful exposé.

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The Imperfect Messenger Foundaiton

Welcome to the New Age of Austerity.

One of the great challenges facing Americans is the task of overcoming what Economic Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco, says is “decades of cumulative ignorance that has brought about an unwitting complicity; the public’s perception of capitalism and economic fundamentals has been shaped and contoured by a political machinery whose own ignorance has fallen victim to a regime of thought that positions the random grail of New York-based financial ambitions above all. Bill Moyer’s interview of David Stockman gives the American Public a faithful insight into how quickly and efficiently domestic monetary and economic policy has been fractured.” In a recent op-ed piece, “The Feckless and the Shill”, he explains the evolution of the process in this way; “There is no disguise sufficient in its form which can survive a lie or claim regard for truth where there is none; why else the need for a disguise if only to distract the masses until such time as their interests and attentions fade.”

As the effects of the New Age of Austerity continue to pressure the U.S. economic outlook Americans will need to arm themselves with information that will both explain the reasons for why the massive economic problems exist and the forces that will need to be opposed if they are to reclaim their economic liberties. “Crony Capitalism”, the Bill Moyer interview of David Stockman should be first on your must-view list.

Greco’s articles can be seen with regularity in various publications however feel free to source and view each of his commentaries online at The Imperfect Messenger Foundations website.

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