Owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, Jared DiCarmine Just Released a Brand New Video on an Exercise Technique to Help People Get Rid of Their Love Handles

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Jared DiCarmine just put up a brand new video for both men and women to view that deals with certain exercises for love handles. These exercises are the exact opposite of what most people have been following, according to him who are trying to lose their love handles permanently and get that chiseled, flat, firm and strong stomach.

Jared DiCarmine, who is a personal fitness expert in the greater New York City area, has made a huge leap in the fight against belly fat by releasing this brand new video, specifically dealing with exercises for love handles. Mr. DiCarmine was thrust into the industry, spurred on by a family tragedy and vowed to never let that happen to him or put his loved ones through that type of situation.

This one technique that Mr. DiCarmine is talking about in relation to exercises for love handles has to deal with the “after-burn effect.” This type of exercise technique is all about burning more calories than normal from certain types of workouts that have strategic exercise pairings. This allows the subject to burn a tremendous amount of calories from fat over the long haul that they would never be able to do from steady-state cardiovascular training. Which in laymen’s terms, is just talking about workout activities such as walking, jogging or biking.

According to Mr. DiCarmine, steady-state cardiovascular exercise activities do not burn the amount of calories needed during exercise to really make a dent in the love handle problem. However, interval training style of workouts, which can be done on a piece of cardio equipment or with weights, have been found to increase one’s metabolism for up to 36 hours after they finished exercise.

In fact, the best type of exercise to get this done is through the use of metabolic resistance training, which is the combination of weight-training exercises and cardio conditioning drills. In the video, that DiCarmine just put up, he goes over certain pairings of exercise that can achieve this metabolic boosting effect, which will also let the person cut their workout time in half and allow them to do more things outside of the gym.

According to Jared, this type of exercise plan for losing love handles is an easy, and simple life-style solution and much better than just doing specific exercises for love handles.

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