Smith McKenna LLC; Commodity Prices to Respond to Unemployment Decline and US Consumer Confidence

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Precious Metals quotes responded to Fed announcements last week that failed to realize the bigger rebound. Employment and consumer confidence are still growing; directly affecting commodity prices like silver and gold.

With over a dozen Federal speeches given last week, precious metals investing appeared to be hot, cold and somewhere in between. Some investors grew weary of the announcements and decisions by the Fed not to further any stimulus efforts in certain nations; but here’s what needs to be considered.

Statistics for the United States unemployment numbers were announced by the Fed and were at the highest new claims that they have been at for two months; settling in at 380,000. What wasn’t noted, however, is that new jobs at an average rate of 212,000 were added during the first months of Q1 2012; and are well above recorded numbers for mid to late 2011. Also left out was the fact that unemployment has traveled further south to a recent low of 8.2 percent in March of 2012; a considerable decline compared to Q3 and even Q4 of 2011.

While Fed announcements and false beliefs are plaguing some, the raw data doesn’t lie; as precious metals demand is increasing substantially - despite false uncertainty. The industrial properties of silver alone make it an exceptional investment that can’t be ignored. The Silver Institute names silver as an “irreplaceable force in the global market.”

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Stephen A. Smith, who is a managing member of Smith McKenna LLC; shares that same belief and says that silver reserves will be exceedingly pushed as recovery and global manufacturing kicks into overdrive. Smith has over two decades of experience in the precious metals commodities market and investing. Tracking political and economic changes, he provides his clients with accurate advice just like the hidden overall unemployment decrease; which is significant to commodity projections and gains.

The Silver Institute, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit international industry association. They are holding a “World Silver Survey 2012,” live on Thursday April 19, from 8:30am to 9:30am EST. The audio cast should shed light on the direction of silver quote prices increasing substantially through supply and demand; throughout 2012.

The Wall Street Journal reported that around 71 percent of surveyed economists also agreed that the United States economy will continue to grow at a moderate rate. Strengthening those beliefs is the rising consumer confidence across the United States, which has seen a positive shift as of late.

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