New Research Shows that the H-Wave® Instrument Increased Limb Blood Flow by 247% - by Facilitating Angiogenesis

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A recent study published in the Journal of Surgical Orthopedic Advances found that the H-Wave® Instrument significantly improved blood flow and stimulated angiogenesis among test subjects.

...limb blood flow increased by 247% upon application.

The H-Wave is a small, portable, non-invasive and drug free electrical stimulation device that is used in doctor’s offices, physical therapy clinics and can be prescribed for home use allowing patients to treat themselves. Previous research has shown that the device is effective in helping injured patients to reduce pain, improve range of motion and overall function, and reduce the needs for oral medications.

This current research shows that when used for the first time, limb blood flow increased by 200% in test subjects. After using the H-Wave® Instrument five days a week for three weeks, limb blood flow increased by 247% upon application. This additional increase in blood flow was made possible by the creation of new additional vessels in the area (angiogenesis) giving more capacity to the region.

Click Here to Read the JSOA Blood Flow and Angiogenesis Study

Angiogenesis, simply stated, is the development of new blood vessels called “capillaries”. More capillary blood vessels in the area brings more oxygenated blood and related supplies. It also removes deoxygenated blood and waste out of the area. This process accelerates the body’s own healing system of muscles and other tissue.

This ground breaking study, like many of the previous peer reviewed studies, makes a strong case for this innovative technology. H-Wave technology has been used for 30 years in the treatment of work related and sports injuries as well as other types of chronic pain and circulation issues. In fact, is has been used with players and trainers from more than 60 professional sports teams. The technology has also been researched extensively with more than 14 peer reviewed published articles.

Nicholas DiNubile, MD, World-Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and Best-Selling Author, “The H-Wave® Instrument is easy to use, very effective and my patients and athletes love it. I am especially impressed by the fact that it often helps to reduce the need for medication and speeds recovery."

Bob Bacci, with Bacci & Glinn Physical Therapy writes, "In 26 years as a clinician I have used everything under the sun, I have never seen anything work better than H-Wave."

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