Mold Sets Roots on Pennsylvania Elementary School No.2, Offers Help to Reduce Mold Removal Cost

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Mold presence was discovered in 40 classrooms of Pennsylvania's Elementary School No.2. suggested to school officials the use of a safe remediation spray to reduce mold removal cost.

A mold infestation at its worse can leave an item or surface completely damaged and needing replacement.

Mold has set roots on another Pennsylvania school. According to a report from, its presence in Elementary School No.2 was already confirmed. And given that its removal will surely cost big, suggested the use of a mold spray to cut down the expense.

Reportedly, 40 classrooms of Elementary No.2 tested positive to mold presence. The main office, the cafeteria, the gym and the library though were said safe. To rectify the situation in the affected rooms, clean-up was scheduled.

According to School Superintendent Michael Kopakowski, remediation will take place during the spring break from April 3 to April 16. However, with regards to the mold removal cost, no amount was specified. Kopakowski said though that they plan on spending not as much as with Elementary No.1, which was at a much worse state.

During the mold remediation for Elementary No.1, it was said that almost $117, 000 was spent.

Below is a part of the report Mold Infestation Discovered in Pennsylvania Elementary School No.2 from

“Residences are not the only places susceptible to mold. Actually, every place is, including schools. Elementary School No.2 in Pennsylvania is among the latest to experience the negative effects of its presence. But with the increasing pattern of mold removal cost, will the school be able to efficiently handle the removal of the spores?
The mold infestation in the said school was confirmed by the Middle Township School District itself. Michael Kopakowski, the School Superintendent, said that 40 classrooms were scheduled for remediation over the spring break. That is, from April 6 to April 16. However, he added that common areas as the main office, the gym, the cafeteria and the library were not affected.”

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A mold infestation at its worse can leave an item or surface completely damaged and needing replacement. And even if it can still be saved, its restoration by experts is expensive. Because of that, concluded that mold presence is a costly problem.

To cut down the spending, the website suggested that if the mold presence is not yet widespread, one can do the remediation himself. However, it warned that a person must know well the process first and must have a well-picked mold remover. And for a risk-free process, it added that one must use a safe mold removal product.

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