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Trace the evolution of speed limit signs. Then marvel at the present-day speed limit signs on the RoadTrafficSigns site.

Speed Limit Sign from 1925

Vintage speed limit sign from 1925

“RoadTrafficSign’s mission of publishing an educational item is to inform viewers and customers alike that all the products available today have historical roots,” said Rivka Fogel, Manager at, the premier online provider of road signs, has launched a chart on the history of speed limit signs in the US. The site added the attraction especially for history enthusiasts.

The chart focuses on how speed limit signs in the US transformed throughout the ages. The timeline examines how sign reflectivity, a now-mandatory feature, was absent up until about the 1920s when officials called for illuminated signs. The New York State Legislature, for instance, required speed limit signs to be sufficiently lit between sunset and sunrise.

The article examines the way manufacturers devised solutions to the problem. Cities that did not have a continuous supply of electricity had to come up with products that lit up but didn’t consume power. Therefore, engineers developed “cat’s eye” reflectors, which used light from the auto headlights and reflected the sign message back to the driver. Now, decades later, reflective road signs are universal and vary in different grades of reflectivity.

Another discussion in the article is that much of the design elements seen now in the current speed limit signs were adopted from the interstate system in the late 1920’s. RoadTrafficSign browsers will get a kick out of the vintage speed limit signs. One sign from 1925 has an arrow at the top and widens into round and rectangular sign components. Another old sign is a huge banner commanding that people stick to an honor code and avoid speeding.

The timeline is chock full of trivia. Viewers can learn about attributes such as the shape of the speed limit signs, the advancements of speed limit regulations, and how a combination have evolved into present day speed limit signs. “RoadTrafficSign’s mission of publishing an educational item is to inform viewers and customers alike that all the products available today have historical roots,” said Rivka Fogel, Manager at “In this case, the more automobiles developed, the more urgent the need was for regulating speed.”

The article informs readers that the radar gun was a huge advancement for tracking speed limits. Police officers used the radar guns to measure the speed of passing cars and catch drivers who were exceeding speed limits. Lawbreakers invented a machine called the Fuzzbuster to detect police cars, but technologists developed more advanced radar guns to counteract it. Officers issued more speeding tickets, and American drivers were more aware of speed limits, reflected in signs on the road.

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