5 Reasons Why Short Term Car Insurance Might Be Perfect For You

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With car insurance premiums constantly on the increase, Short Term Car Insurance offers advice on how selecting temporary car insurance could save significant amounts of time and money.

Short Term Car Insurance allows people to compare instant quotes from each agency to help them find the best cost-effective deal

As such respected car insurance providers, Short Term Car Insurance are experienced in offering customers a vast choice of insurance options to suit their individual needs. They understand the benefits of temporary car insurance and when this should be used to best advantage. A member of the well-respected firm explains why the service can come in handy.

“Sometimes you may only need car insurance for a very short amount of time, perhaps even just for a day, where a friend may be borrowing your car. Rather than go to the hassle of trying to include them in your policy, which can be a very time consuming process, it will usually be much more beneficial to you to take out temporary cover.”

Short Term Car Insurance have listed some reasons why temporary insurance could be the right choice for you:

1. A common mistake many people make when borrowing a friend’s vehicle is to take out insurance and then cancel it and try and refund part of the payment. However this procedure can be expensive and complicated. For those who find themselves in a situation whereby they wish to borrow a friend’s vehicle to drive to an airport for example, most temporary car insurers will let you take out cover for just the day, and the process is so quick that often it can be sorted within the hour. Short Term Car Insurance put their users in touch with hundreds of companies to allow them to find the best deal before settling.

2. For most companies, the only requirements for this service is that you hold a full UK or European driving license and that you be at least 24 years of age. With such a wide range of choice, Short Term Car Insurance allows people to compare instant quotes from each agency to help them find the best cost-effective deal.

3. It may seem obvious, but some people may be surprised to learn that drivers will still be protected in the same way as they would normally in the unfortunate incident their vehicle is involved in an accident, or is the subject of theft or vandalism. The team at Short Term Car Insurance endeavour to supply their customers with quotes from the top companies, but would always advise them to read their policy carefully before committing.

4. Even for someone who does need to make a claim on their temporary insurance, their long term insurance policy should not be affected.

5. Finally, for anyone who finds that they do not need their temporary cover for as long as originally intended, most insurance providers will let you cancel early as long as you make them aware of your situation via whichever method was originally outlined. Therefore it would seem that temporary car insurance could be a really simple and ideal process to use, as well as being less costly than most would first assume. At Short Term car Insurance, customers as assured that they can compare insurance packages for free without the worry of hidden costs.

Short Term Car Insurance was established with a view to allowing customers to compare short term car insurance prices quickly and efficiently. The trusted and approved agency offers instant quotes, directly to the customer, from hundreds of companies across the country.

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