Omer Pasha Successfully Establishes Himself as a Director, Producer, Actor and Singer in Vancouver, BC

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Omer Pasha, now a complete multimedia man has more than 1000 music videos/short movies and videos over the web. Omer Pasha produces all his work in Vancouver, BC Canada and is part of Cannes Market every year in Cannes. Omer Pasha movies cover major colossal themes of mystery, psychedelic animation, sex, erotica, women, fashion, religion, art, action, thriller, horror, funny and futuristic upbeat racy videos/short films.

Omer Pasha with local actress Martina From Vancouver,BC

Passion and Lust with no Limits. Experienced Love Unlimited.

Omer Pasha collaborates with 17 Vancouver, BC artists and produces a vast number of feature, short films and music videos in line up for Cannes Market 2012, France.

For the past 6 years, Omer Pasha has been producing short films and music videos in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been exhibiting with the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in New York City, Manhattan and Hollywood, Los Angeles and Cannes Market in France. Omer Pasha’s first debut music video “The Curse (Unveiled)” was introduced by MTV (mtvU) USA in New York in 2006 ;

In 2008 Pasha produced “Who Are You” which was introduced on Musique Plus in Canada. In 2007 and 2008 Omer Pasha continued his works such as “Come To Me” and “Long Live Germany” which were exhibited in New York City and Los Angeles with the NY Film Festival . In 2009 Pasha was part of the Cannes Short Film Corner and in 2010 Cannes Market, France;

In 2011 and 2012 Pasha finally combined with a number local Canadian actors, actresses, models and dancers locally in Vancouver, BC and produced a series of new short films and music videos with brand new electro rock music. Sexually stimulating portrayal of passion and love, style, fashion, dancing, midnight atmosphere, late night themes and catchy club mixes turned Omer Pasha into a successful film maker.

In 2010 and early 2012 Omer Pasha produced a vast number of club remixes and new songs which have been produced in Vancouver, BC now on iTunes USA UK and Canada.

Best of Omer Pasha Movies:

1. The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned)
2. The Cursed Riddles Of California
3. California Midnight Women (Revised Edition)
4. Vancouver Midnight Movies

All films have been produced in late 2011 and early 2012 and are in line up for this year’s Cannes Market in France aswell as for festival exhibition in Los Angeles,USA. Actors and actresses along with Pasha include Dustin, Matt, Talia, Kim, Samantha, Brittany, Martina, Jenna, Whitney, Shannon, Nikki, Brandan, Shelley, Nakita, Brent and Justin, all local residents of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

All Omer Pasha movies, music videos, features and shorts have been made available to view on 135 websites. Each music video title below can be found on

Omer Pasha Movies/Music Videos/Shorts Videography 2011-2012.

The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned)

1.Leo’s Club (Caucasian Love Returned)
2.Shayda (Caucasian Love Returned)
3.The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) (Orgy Mix 2)
4.Jeanie Say Vassup (Caucasian Love Returned)
5.Pain to Penelope (Caucasian Love Returned)
6.The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) (Electro Mix)
7.The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) (Orgy Mix 1)
8.The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned)
9.Jeanie (Caucasian Love Returned) (Boyband Mix)
10.The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) (Club Medley) 1
11.The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) (Club Medley) 2
12.The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) (Club Medley) 3
13.The Cal Crew [MAIN EDITION/MIX] (Caucasian Love Returned)
14.Leo’s Club (Caucasian Love Returned) Version 2

The Cursed Riddles Of California

1.The Curse Riddles (San Diego Club Mix)
2.The Curse Riddles (Sacramento Club Mix)
3.The Curse Riddles (Santa Monica Club Mix)
4.The Curse Riddles (Santa Clara Club Mix)
5.The Curse Riddles (Glendale Club Mix)
6.The Curse Riddles (Burbank Club Mix)
7.The Curse Riddles (San Jose Club Mix)
8.The Curse Riddles (LAX Club Mix)
9.The Curse Riddles (Santa Barbara Club Mix)
10.The Curse Riddles (Sunnyvale Club Mix)
11.The Curse Riddles (Orange County Club Mix)
12.The Curse Riddles (Pasadena Club Mix)
13.The Curse Riddles (Ivar Street Club Mix)
14.The Curse Riddles (Melrose Avenue Club Mix)

California Midnight Women (Revised Edition)

1. Who Are You (Midnight Women Blue Toys Mix)
2. Who Are You ( Midnight Women Rave Mix 2)
3. Who Are You (Midnight Women Rave Mix 1)
4. Who Are You (Midnight Women Radio Mix)
5. Who Are You (Midnight Women Dancefloor Mix)
6. Who Are You(Midnight Women Electro Mix)
7. The Curse (Midnight Women Rain Mix)
8. The Curse (Midnight Women Radio Mix)
9. The Curse (Midnight Women Odyssey Mix)
10. The Curse (Midnight Women Euro Mix)
11. The Curse (Midnight Women Dancefloor Mix)
12. Who Are You (Midnight Women Tribal Mix)
13. The Curse (Midnight Women Extended Mix)

Vancouver Midnight Movies

1. The Cal Crew (Vancouver Main Edit)
2. The Cal Crew (Vancouver Medley 1)
3. The Cal Crew (Vancouver Medley 2)
4.The Cal Crew (Vancouver Medley 3)
5. The Cal Crew (Vancouver Club Mix)
6.Pain to Penelope (Vancouver Mix)
7.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Denman Street Mix)
8.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Granville Street Mix)
9.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Davie Street Mix)
10.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Robson Street Mix)
11.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Burrard Street Mix)
12.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Hornby Street Mix)
13.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Lonsdale Mix)
14.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Waterfront Mix)
15.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (Surrey Mix)
16.The Cursed Riddles of Vancouver (New Westminster Mix)
17. The Curse Odyssey (Vancouver Christian Mix)
18. The Curse Rain (Vancouver Christian Mix)
19. Who Are You Rave (Vancouver Christian Mix)
20. The Curse Extended (Vancouver Jewish Mix)
21. The Curse Rain (Vancouver Jewish Mix)
22. Who Are You (Vancouver Jewish Tribal Mix)

Two club albums by Omer Pasha:
California Club Mixes :
The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned) :
Omer Pasha Cannes Link:

Omer Pasha Movies
Marche’ Du Film
Cannes, France.

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