Clinical Studies Show Lengthening Telomeres Has Positive Effect on Longevity: T.A. Sciences Aims to Leverage Data to Increase Lifespan

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TA-65md is a proven telomerase activator.

As we age, we all notice changes in how we look and feel. In the burgeoning field of telomere biology, scientists have discovered that many of these changes are caused by the shortening of telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that serve to protect the genetic DNA from damage. Telomeres act as “cellular clocks” indicating the age of nearly every cell in our bodies. Every time a cell divides, telomeres get shorter and become less effective at protecting the chromosomes from injury and deterioration. Short telomeres not only fail to protect the DNA that makes up the chromosomes, but the shortening process signals changes in gene expression that drive the aging process.

But natural telomere shortening over time can be reversed. According to a recent study by Dr. Ronald DePinho at Harvard, activating an enzyme called telomerase and adding back telomeres actually reverses the aging process and turns back the cellular clock. A telomerase activator adds back base pairs of telomeric DNA that have been lost in the aging process. This lengthening of telomeres protects chromosomes from damage, essentially protecting the cells where telomerase is activated from age-related decline.

TA-65md, a clinically-proven telomerase activator, is a naturally-occurring single molecule extracted from the root of an herb. Through a proprietary process, T.A. Sciences isolates the TA-65 molecule, and then performs rigorous tests to ensure exceptional purity and potency of the final product. The TA-65md supplement is then made into capsules in a facility in the U.S. under strict GMP quality control.

“Scientists are now beginning to understand how much harm short telomeres cause,” says Noel Thomas Patton, founder of T.A. Sciences. “Keeping good cells living longer and having a strengthened immune system could go a long way in prolonging our healthspans.”

“I recommend TA-65md to my patients as a way to promote their immune system,” says Dr. Miki Shima. “TA-65md is a high-quality, scientifically-supported product that helps patients be proactive about their health.”

TA-65md costs as little as $200 per month, depending on the dosage selected, which varies from 1 to 4 capsules daily. For more information, visit

About T.A. Sciences
Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. (T.A. Sciences) is the only company to dedicate its research and development exclusively to telomerase activation. T.A. Sciences was founded by Noel Thomas Patton in 2002 with the express purpose of prolonging the human healthspan by extending telomeres. TA-65md provides a unique solution to the problem of shortening telomeres as the only telomerase activating product that is scientifically proven to lengthen short telomeres and rejuvenate aging cells.

TA-65md is available for purchase through a worldwide network of qualified physicians and at or 1-212-588-8805.

TA-65md - The Only Clinically Proven Solution for Lengthening Telomeres.

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